The Reason Stephanie McMahon Has Sold $8.3 Million In WWE Stock This Year

Posted by Brad Davis October 11, 2013 6 Comments

The New York Post has revealed that WWE executive Stephanie McMahon has been selling off her stock this year to finance the construction of a new home for her family.

According to documents filed with the SEC, McMahon has sold a total of 833,000 shares of WWE stock during 43 separate occasions, netting her approximately $8.3 million.

As part of of the selloff, she converted nearly 1.3 million shares of McMahon Family Class B stock into common Class A stock, which was then cashed in.

When asked about Stephanie selling off her WWE stock, WWE issued the following statement:

“Stephanie McMahon is selling a portion of her Class B shares for personal financial purposes that include building a house.”

Stephanie sold approximately one-third of her stake in WWE stock this year.

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    • blacksuperman762

      CM Punk was dead-on in his almost prophetic assessment of what will happen once Vince is gone…

    • nikki

      she is the broke one!!!

    • SouthSide

      so the “Billion dollar princess” needs to sell stock in order to buy a house? That doesn’t make sense since her husband makes some serious cash and not chump change. I mean how much of an ego do the McMahon’s have?

      • troll

        I think they secretly think WWE is at a near high price for the time being.
        This attempt to finance their new home is just a cover up.
        After it drops, she’ll probably put some more cash back into stock

    • Penny J. Watson

      I hope the ‘billion dollar princess’ sells all she has and still does not have enough money. Then she may see what I go thru'; not enough finances to keep warm, and more.

    • Jennifer L Diamond

      personally I think we are all screwed no matter what cause of the financial state of this country. But the fact that all the rich have to liquidate all of their stock is no skin off of my nose considering they don’t make chump change to begin with. All the athletes, actors, etc are all overpaid. They work 17 hour days well so do doctors and some of the cheap labor of this country. stay at home mom and dads work harder and they don’t get 4 figures or even higher

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