The Rock: Many Wrestlers Dont Understand The Business

Posted by Brad Davis February 26, 2012 Comments are off

Former WWE star tweeted about the rumors of many wrestlers in WWE being upset that is getting the spotlight at despite not being a full-time performer. Helms tweeted that those wrestlers don’t understand the business:

“FTR, anybody in the WWE locker room that is bitching about The Rock’s involvement in WrestleMania needs to stop being a douche! He’s earned it! WrestleMania has always had celebrity involvement and if the the celebrity this year happens to actually be a GREAT pro wrestler, it’s a win!!”

also defended the Rock again via Twitter:

“If the dude will draw more money, he deserves the spot. Absolutely. And he WILL draw more money, end of story.”

And The Rock tweeted the following today about the situation:

“Incredible to me how many of the boys don’t get the ‘business’ part of our business.”

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