The Rock on His WWE Future, 12 Rounds: Reloaded Trailer, More

Posted by Matt Boone April 27, 2013 2 Comments

- Below is the trailer for WWE Studios’ 12 Rounds: Reloaded, starring Randy Orton:

– The Los Angeles Times reports that The Rock’s Pain & Gain is expected to debut at the top spot at the U.S. box office with $23 million.

– The Rock reiterated in a Twitter Q&Aon Friday that WrestleMania 29 “may have been my last match.” This statement follows The Rock telling radio host Peter Rosenberg last week that WrestleMania was “probably” his last match. Rock tweeted:

“Mania may have been my last match. The 3 year goal was to come in & elevate the WWE. Then proudly ‘do the honors.’ #RockTalk.”

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    • Some Random

      Passing the torch, ala Stone Cold – Rock. He does suggest ‘proudly’, which means at least he was willing to condone Cena and raise his hand in victory. Cena’s wrestling ability? Quite average unless he’s utilized against a potentially perfect chemistry duo, such as CM Punk or Edge. His promo abilities? Hit and miss, both bad and good, but at least he’s a work horse. Some people don’t realize the truth behind why Cena isn’t turning heel and that’s because of merchandise sales, make a wish foundation charity meetings and ratings. ‘Oh Cena can’t draw, have you seen the ratings decline in the PG era’, fuck off with that overused statement, the ratings have declined because of staleness and a strong lack of attitude. Cena or not they would have declined, given the same circumstances of viewing content. We need more wrestling and new stars need to be born, the Shield is an excellent start. So I went off topic, but that’s what true wrestling fans do. Get better soon Rock, all the best. Oh and i’m not a Cena mark, just for those wondering.

    • Beer Money Jobber

      I hope WM 29 was Rock’s last match. He doesn’t have it anymore. 2 moves & an endless supply of worn out, recycled promos. 10 years ago he was relevent in the ring, today he’s just a lame ass movie star. It’s time for the Rock to pancake his monkey ass down Jabroni Blvd & take a permanent residence at the Smakedown Hotel for has been wrestlers.

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