The Rock Responds to Backstage Resentment, Poster for WWE Studios’ Film

Posted by Matt Boone February 4, 2013 5 Comments

- Here is the official poster for WWE Studios’ The Call, which stars Halle Berry and features David Otunga.

WWE Studios  The Call Poster

– The Rock responded to recent reports that there is resentment backstage with his return, writing on Twitter,”Well said. Great to see so many guys backstage understand that what’s best for business is best for everyone. Especially the fans.”

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    • Anthony SES

      So what the rock is saying is that him being back and being the “paper champion” is best for business and the fans?? Huh we’ll I’m a wrestling fan he is definantly not who want to see as champion he’s just as bad as Cena forced fed to us when the best champ is CM Punk!!

      • Jericho Fan

        na. the Rock coming back is good for the older generation of fans like myself, I dont think the Rocks feud should be with Punk though, it just doesnt suit, a face jericho should have returned for a rematch against heel punk as they for me stole the show last year, best in the world vs best in the world. The Rock should go for heavyweight title or do something with the usos

        • Beer Money Jobber

          I’m an older generation fan & The Rock bores me to death with his worn out catch phrases. Ten years ago he was relevent in the WWE, but today he’s just there to promote his lame ass movies.

      • Beer Money Jobber

        Agreed, I could care less about The Rock. I think guys like Ryback or Ziggler should have gotten a title run before The Rock waltzed in for a 4 month gig.

    • Daniel Dillman

      Not giving props to the people who it was directed to: ?

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