The Rock Says He’ll Stomp Cena At WrestleMania, More

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— As of today, the plan is still for John Cena and the Miz to main event WrestleMania 27. This keeps changing so stay tuned.

— There will likely be a pre-show battle royal before WrestleMania starts on Sunday. This will be included as a DVD extra and is also a way to get the entire WWE roster to appear at WrestleMania. They also get a PPV bonus for this as well.

— The Rock posted the following on Facebook today, further insinuating that he’s going to be physically involved in the ring at WrestleMania: “Dear John Cena – let’s just hug it out ok? APRIL FOOLS – IN 2 DAYS IM STOMPIN A MUDHOLE IN YOUR FRUIT LOOP PUNK ASS – TEAM BRING IT.

— is reporting that most of the Jersey Shore cast (except Ronnie) have not signed new deals for season four of the series. This does include Snooki. She is, of course, appearing at WrestleMania 27 this Sunday and has stated repeatedly that when she is done with the Jersey Shore, she wants to become a full-time WWE Diva. If new deals aren’t made, many have speculated that she could stick around WWE. It’s also worth noting that there has been talk that this will be the final season of the Jersey Shore.

— Yesterday was Shawn Michaels’ 12th wedding anniversary to wife Rebecca.