The Rock Speaks On WWE PG, Goldberg Denies Rumors

— A fan asked The Rock on Twitter what he thinks about WWE’s current PG product. The Rock tweeted:

“It was a very smart choice to go PG. It may not have been the popular choice a few years ago – but it was very smart.”

Some more interesting quotes from The Rock on Twitter:

“Tim Burton was considering me for Willy Wonka..would’ve loved to have taken on that role with Tim…”

On how much he benches: “600-700 lbs but who’s counting anyway?”

— Bill Goldberg tweeted the following over the weekend in response to fans asking him whether he’ll be a part of WrestleMania 27:

“No WWE plans on the horizon…..don’t believe rumors. Is what it is.”

— Happy birthday to WWE Hall of Famer Ricky Steamboat, who turns 58 today.

— Chris Jericho has wrapped up his latest book signing tour.

— WWE Champion The Miz is featured in the new issue of Men’s Fitness magazine.

— WWE is planning DVD sets for Edge, War Games ad Brock Lesnar for later this year.