The Rock Speaks On WWE PG, Goldberg Denies Rumors

Posted by Brad Davis February 28, 2011 4 Comments

— A fan asked The Rock on Twitter what he thinks about WWE’s current PG product. The Rock tweeted:

“It was a very smart choice to go PG. It may not have been the popular choice a few years ago – but it was very smart.”

Some more interesting quotes from The Rock on Twitter:

“Tim Burton was considering me for Willy Wonka..would’ve loved to have taken on that role with Tim…”

On how much he benches: “600-700 lbs but who’s counting anyway?”

— Bill Goldberg tweeted the following over the weekend in response to fans asking him whether he’ll be a part of WrestleMania 27:

“No WWE plans on the horizon…..don’t believe rumors. Is what it is.”

— Happy birthday to WWE Hall of Famer Ricky Steamboat, who turns 58 today.

— Chris Jericho has wrapped up his latest book signing tour.

— WWE Champion The Miz is featured in the new issue of Men’s Fitness magazine.

— WWE is planning DVD sets for Edge, War Games ad Brock Lesnar for later this year.

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    • Hollow Bonez

      War Games?!?!?! Thats a shocker. And Goldberg was wanted for a legends and merchandise deal by Vince, but all Goldberg wanted was another chance in the ring. Why couldn’t he just took the deal and try to work out the whole “wrestling” idea with Vince? Its the stupidest, most selfish thing I ever heard (besides the B.S i hear from Hogan).

    • Random-English-Fella

      I was thinking The Great One would be a strange choice for Willy Wonka but then i remembered Tim Burton is a f*cking lunatic. Great director but an odd guy

    • The Watcher

      Lol!! That’s hilarious AND true!!

    • Eddie

      Wow!!! They’re making a Lesnar dvd? I kno they own his ass for a few more years…but I figured they’d leave him carrer in the dark. I hope they put the hell in a cell match vs taker. That wasn’t a bad match. And the 60 minute iron man vs angle on sd. That was a good match!!!

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