The Rock To Reply To Cena On RAW, Posts Photo Online

Posted by Brad Davis February 28, 2011 36 Comments

Following his absence from RAW last week, it looks like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will be making his return to WWE tonight. The Rock wrote on Facebook: ‎”…On RAW…my response…”

That message wasn’t the only thing he posted, though. The Rock also attatched the following photo, which is presumably his foot stomping on a John Cena hat:

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    • stinger

      screw the miz/cena at WM an make it a dream maatch Rock vs Cena instead these too should go at it word at worlds match

      • sdfghj

        i see it being a triple threat match…

        • Hobble

          No, you’re both thinking too short term. They’re going to draw this out at least until SummerSlam. But Rock will somehow cost Cena the title at WM, that’s how this will go from a beef to a full on feud.

    • The Rock

      yup it will look good cena vs rock.. good storyline.. maybe at mania it will become triple threat match..

    • dhilip

      God this is ruthless!!!!!!!!!! This picture of rock stomping on cena’s hat will indefinitely create waves across the globe…… will they make the rock heel!!!!?????

      • ED

        Good question….within the confines of this storyline, it’s pretty hard to hate on Cena after his speech last week. When this match happens, and it won’t be for at least a few more PPV’s(Rock is a ratings goldmine so this angle will drag out as long as possible)…I see it as being steered in the direction of how Rock’s match with Hogan at WM18 was, where neither one was really a heel…Hogan was being scripted that way, but he was so beloved at that time that all the heat from the fans was on Rock. It’ll be interesting to see how this one plays out…

      • KenFromNY

        I think the fans are too excited over seeing the Rock to hate him. They will boo Cena, even though Cena will be trying to play the babyface role.

      • Bryan

        no way, the people decide who is heel and who is face, the older peple who know the rock well enough will cheer for him and the kids will cheer for cena, its basic past vs. future, there is no way that cena will ever be as great as the rock because he has no mic skills at all and he is extremely overrated. But it will be a great storyline nonetheless.

    • The Rock

      they should have make miz vs morrison on mania then rock vs cena(another special match)

    • wwe fan

      This buildup is INSANE!

    • Random guy

      If wrestling were real, Rock wouldn’t need to respond. He completely minimized Cena’s entire career in about 30 seconds, and all Cena’s response was “Um, your gay and retired yo”. Rock has already won the verbal war.

      But since wrestling is fake, Rock has to say something, which makes sense for the storyline and all that. and of course, Rock will mop the floor with him again. I hope he buries Cena again.

      • Adam

        Random guy you are literally the biggest retard on this site

        • Random guy

          Could be worse. I could be telling people how retarded they are without explaining why, in a desperate attempt to sound smart and to get people to pay attention to me. Oh wait, that’s what you’re doing.

          If you disagree with me, that’s cool. Say why. I’m always up for a little discussion on here. But don’t come at me like a jerk. It’s just wrestling my friend.

        • Random guy

          Thanks for the support, but relax a little. I wouldn’t say I know more than anyone. I’m just a guy with an opinion.

    • JESTER

      i would hate to Cena VS The Rock at Mania it would ruin everything, Cena doesnt deserve to look at the peoples strudel let alone shine the rocks boot, unless of course hes turning it sideways… you know where i was going with that. The Rock cant top his last WM match.. EVER. history cant be remade like that.

      • JJ

        Since The Rocks last wrestlemania match was him and mick foley against orton, batista and ric flair (evolution)….ch’yeaaah..I think he pretty much could top that :)

    • Cenation

      Hmmm.. wud luv to see cena vs rock… cenation rules !!

      • Rezzurekted

        Nice name!

    • HHH

      Looks like The Rock stepped on a Fruity Pebble

      • Dhilip Amaresan

        That one was good!!!!!! stomped on a fruity pebble lolz

    • i am god

      miz vs jomo and rock vs cena on mania sounds good :D rock can make cena a good heel if this comes :D hope they make cena a heel ^_^

    • TheMaskedKane

      Man, this feud makes me laugh…They’re really building up this feud eh?
      I guess they wouldn’t make Cena or Rock heel…It’s up to the fans who will they boo…It would probably be Cena…

    • 1BluCaptain

      The Rock can draw Million, Cena is Dying fast in the eyes of his Fans…………

    • Hollow Bonez

      So far, this is the best storyline the WWE had in years. I love how its going.

    • JJ

      The charisma and verbal skills of both guys will build the hype for this fued sooo much! But I think the wrestling match itself will be a let down, because of how much hype there actually is gonna be, but who knows, I may be wrong, The Rock vs Hogan at WM18 was actually pretty good, so was rock v austin III at wm19, both guys wer considered nearly past their prime then.

    • starkiller22

      Not getting my hopes up, just cause it says, “on raw” doesn’t mean he will actually be there, for all we know it will “via satelite” Trust me i hope im wrong though… Dont get your hopes up for cena/rock at this yrs WM guys, rock will be special gues referee at most. put 2 and 2 together, next yrs WM is where??? Miami, where is rock from??? Miami… so let this build up for a yr with these guys just taking shots at one another like they are and just be sure they mix it up efvery now and then

      • Rockman Rex

        …..unless Cena will be the next and final man in line against the Undertaker’s streak. I say Cena vs. Undertaker at WM 28 and go 20-0 on Cena. Cena vs. The Rock may be SummerSlam 2011.

    • Varun

      Rock must help miz at mania

      • The Rock

        nope rock cant help the miz in mania that will only make him a heel if he do that..

    • RJMac

      When the Rock and Cena are in the same ring, Cena will get TORN APART by the fans, even worse so than he does now.

    • SharpSH00teR

      Hey rock , those are fruity pebble u destroying man cMon !!

      lend it to african nations its worth least to some ppl there (or may be not even there)

    • Hobble

      It will not be Rock vs Cena at WM. But they will face each other, possibly by Summerslam. Rock will cost Cena the title at WM, which will cause this to go from a beef to a feud.

    • UrAjabroni

      If Cena didnt stop freestyle rapping, he wouldnt be this deranged…but no one AND THE ROCK MEANS NO ONE! is better on the mike than the Jabroni beatin’, LADALALAO, Pie eatin…well u get it…

    • Mania****

      Wow! You guys are all so intelligent. You have all the answers. You all should be booking the WWE TV. You would all do amazing!!!

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