The Rock Turns 40, Cena’s Status For Weekend House Shows

Posted by Brad Davis May 2, 2012 4 Comments

- John Cena is still advertised for this weekend’s RAW brand live events, despite his speech after Extreme Rules where he told fans he’ll be taking time off.

Cena is scheduled to face Mark Henry this weekend. The main events for the RAW house shows will see WWE Champion CM Punk defending against Chris Jericho.

– Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson turns 40 years old today. He was born on May 2nd, 1972. Happy birthday to The Rock!

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    • Peter

      Cena attempted at extreme rules one more $hity try to make us like him,no make it seem like he is going away for a bit only in order to prevent getting KILLED by chicago fans.Man,that guy is a freaking headache,can’t stand him AT All.besides,brock was right.If he had a speech caus ehe really was going out for a bit then fine so be it.But to do so when he is NOT going anywhere,made lesnar look like a typical talent in the roster.what a selfish son of a b!itch cena is.

      • Wrestlehead

        Don’t blame Cena, blame WWE management since they’ve been obsessed with making him look like a hero for several years now. When has the top face in the company been booed as consistently as Cena for such a long period of time? Never, that’s when. They can’t take an obvious hint.

      • Cubby

        Your not the REAL Peter, are you? ’cause he seems to be pretty unbiased towards all the wrestlers..

        • not Peter

          who are you?? Peter’s mom??? get a life clown

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