The Shield Takes Top Spot on ESPN Rankings, Rock Talk Show Appearance

Posted by Matt Boone March 26, 2013 5 Comments

- The Rock is scheduled to appear on Live! with Kelly and Michael this Wednesday to promote GI Joe: Retaliation.

– The Shield took the top spot on ESPN’s WWE Power Rankings this week. Ryback took the second placed followed by Mark Henry, The Rock and Jack Swagger. ESPN’s article also noted how dead the crowd was on Monday’s Raw.

“For a company that prides itself on listening to its fans, I wonder how much weight it gives to 3 hours and 20 minutes of near silence (except for the very loud ‘You can’t wrestle’ chant aimed at Fandango, even if he did deliver a sweet flying leg drop). I think the dead crowd speaks volumes about the upcoming WrestleMania card and the lazy booking that goes along with setting up a string of rematches people weren’t really clamoring to see in the first place.”

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    • Save_Us.Y2K

      Everything about philly is just….just terrible

    • chris jericho

      Philly is to lazy to do anything

    • Original CM Punk

      Of course it’s going to be a dead crowd…hometown of ECW…that’s all they want is bloodsport

    • paul heyman guy

      or maybe FINALLY…..somebody says something of valor and instead of supporting it (since you all seem to hate the programing ) you defend it like the dick in your ass.
      you can’t wrestle

    • kingK

      Yes i keep believe in the SHIELD, & they already got top spot in espn power ranking! the shield will dominate the wwe & take all title ie wwe, whc & intercontinental/us champion like the FOUR HORSEMAN. BELIEVE IN THE SHIELD.

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