The Shield: What Are Their Intentions?

Posted by Brad Davis November 27, 2012 4 Comments

On Monday’s RAW, the new faction of The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns) told Michael Cole that they have been attacking Ryback and other WWE superstars as a way to bring balance, order and justice back to WWE:

Later in the show, they destroyed Ryback once again and cleared the path for CM Punk to stand over Ryback and declare that he’s the Best in the World. has a poll up asking fans, “Do you think The Shieldis out to right wrongs and stop injustice in WWE?” With almost 4,000 votes cast, the current results are:

38% Yes. I believe they stand for honor.
62% No. They have malevolent intentions.

We want to know – what do YOU think about The Shield’s intentions? Comment Below and tell us if you think they’re really out for justice, or if they’re just henchmen for CM Punk and Paul Heyman.

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    • Pam Butler

      they are henchmen for punk and heyman they can say what they wont but they are lieing out there asses

    • starkiller

      working for cm punk, no… working for paul heyman, yes.

    • TexansFanatic

      I don’t care as long as they stay around and don’t get sent back down to NXT soon. They all have talent especially Moxley(Ambrose) & Black(Rollins). It’d be cool if they were with Heyman though since he is a genius.

    • allenm

      They are with punk and Herman I they punk and Herman and those 3 need to be run off for ruining Monday night raw

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