The Undertaker’s WWE Status, What Did He Do In Nashville?, More

Posted by Matt Boone February 14, 2013 9 Comments

- Regarding The Undertaker’s status, there is still nothing definite. If there has been a final decision made, it is being kept very quiet.

As noted, Taker was not backstage at Monday’s RAW from Nashville, even though he was photographed at a Nashville Predators hockey game the night before. However, Taker reportedly did have a meeting with Vince McMahon while in town.

It’s said that Taker does not want to come back and have to fake his way through a mediocre match, which is why his status is up in the air. He had major shoulder and hip surgery over the past year which made it impossible for him to do any serious training for a long time. Taker couldn’t lift upper body because of shoulder rehab and couldn’t do lower body because of the hip rehab.

As of a few days ago, the internal word was that Taker is still “planned” to face CM Punk this year. People close to Taker believe that if he doesn’t do WrestleMania 29, then his career is not over and it would simply mean he didn’t have enough time to fully recover from everything. The expectation is that he would like to do WrestleMania 30 in 2014 and that the show could be built around his farewell since he will be 49 years old at that point.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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    • Not Chris Jericho

      I dont want taker coming back in bad shape either. Just nix the CM Punk plan and throw him into the Cena/Rock rematch.

      If Taker does do Wrestlemania 30 he needs to lose (the old saying always go out on your back, so you leave something behind). And he should lose to Michael Mcguillicuty (sp) who seriously just needs to go by Sloppy Joe Hennig or something.

      • you stupid MARKS

        you dumb son of a bitch,they won’t mess with the ROCK/CENA TITLE

        • Papa Shango

          thats a lie moron…they’re thinking of adding CM Punk into the ROCK/CENA Title since many are complaining about ROCK Vs CENA 2

          • Codebreaker

            You’re obviously a dumbass that dont read the dirt sheets…. They are thinking of putting Lesnar in with the Rock and Cena…. duuurrrrppp

        • Not Chris Jericho

          I hope they add Punk just so you realize how big of an ass you are.

        • Beer Money Jobber

          Cena/Rock is about as exciting as wiping your ass after taking a shit. That match needs to flushed down the toilet with the other butt nuggets.

    • Ray

      I prefer Taker recovering and being back at least part time, full time would be the best thing ever but at least part time. I don’t want him to do a WM match a year. Oh, and he should never lose at WM, it would be the dumbest thing EVER if he does.

      • Spencer Elliott

        If he’s able to do a good WM30 match and build it around him, then I’d be really happy.
        He needs to lose though, and put over a young talent. Ziggler?

    • Edge

      Get your stupid heads out of your stupid asses.If The Undertaker loses his streak then he loses all his credibility as wrestler.Year’s of great matches and you want him to lose to some guy you happen to like very much?He has put over more guys by defeating them at WM.And how would you like to be undefeated for twenty years in a row so you can lose one day to a guy that hasn’t acomplished even a half of what you have?No!If The Undertaker is leaving at WM30 then his last match has to be historical and by that i don’t mean losing the match but having it with another wrestling legend and putting on a hell of a show.

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