Theme for WWE SummerSlam, CM Punk Gives Props to Ambrose, Cena’s Dad

Posted by Matt Boone June 18, 2012 5 Comments

- The first theme song for WWE’s 2012 SummerSlam pay-per-view is “Don’t Give Up (Rhythmic Remix)” by Kevin Rudolf. WWE released the following promo video for SummerSlam:

– As noted before, Dean Ambrose worked weekend RAW live events against Alex Riley. WWE Champion CM Punk posted a photo of Ambrose walking down the ramp and called him “our secret weapon.”

– John Cena, Sr. had a brief spot in the WWE Title match at Saturday night’s WWE Supershow in Lowell, Massachusetts. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan were fighting on the floor when Punk held Bryan and allowed Cena, Sr. to headbutt him in the chest. Cena, Sr. is a regular at WWE events in the Northeast.

– Writer Paul Guay is currently working on the screenplay for the Bruno Sammartino movie. Guay told that the movie will be completely different from any wrestling movie there has ever been. Guay previously wrote the movie “Liar, Liar” with Jim Carrey.

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    • GhostDistortion

      What? Dean Ambrose is Cena’s dad? At least that’s the way I read the title. What a twist in storyline, I mean Dean Ambrose is probably ten years younger than Cena so how does that work?

      • Fadi Arnouk

        you must be stupid

        • GhostDistortion

          Yes, you’re absolutely right. I am stupid and never actually noticed that Dean Ambrose is in fact not Cena’s dad. I mean come on, everybody knows that Dean Ambrose is the father of Nikolai Volkov. How could I be so fucking stupid!?

    • Broski

      That was a good promo!

    • Mature Fan

      I’m sick of Hip Hop Use rock songs or metal songs like you use to or lose your mature audience I’m serious the minute I see Justin Bieber preform at a WWE live event or even using a song by him I’m done with with WWE. TNA is better because they’re not trying to entertain children and use crappy hip hop songs

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