Third “#August1Warning” Video From TNA’s Mystery-Man Released

Posted by Matt Boone July 30, 2013 17 Comments

TNA’s mystery-man has struck again!

A third “#August1Warning” video has surfaced on the official YouTube channel of TNA Impact Wrestling.

In this latest installment, the mystery-man notes, “I am not a rock star like Chris Jericho. I make my living hurting people.” Additionally, the man in the video claims, “I am not someone that 99 percent of you have never heard of.”

The video was accompanied by the following description:

“At 12:00pm today (Tuesday), a third video arrived at the offices of IMPACT WRESTLING from the party claiming to be #August1Warning.”

Check out the third official “#August1Warning” video below:

Who do YOU think the “#August1Warning” mystery-man is? Post your prediction on the official FACEBOOK page and/or TWITTER page of today!

  • SpoilerAlert

    Adam Copeland

    • whatwhat

      DOC Luke Gallows…anyone? anyone?

  • kindred1313

    that is so Hardcore Holly!!

    • Knock

      its the Great Muta

  • The Peoples Champ

    That silhouette screams Bob Holly. If it turns out to be him it will be such a disappointment.

    • Guest476756437348958

      The WWE ‘mystery partner’ silhouette looks exactly like Alex Riley. Just thought Id mention that before anyone makes a ‘Sparky Plugg is TNA’ sign.

  • Anonymous

    Bobby Lashley

  • kidcudi

    I HOPE its Shelton, he got the ears

  • Hollywood HOgan

    Nick Hogan brother!

  • What

    Its shelton benjamin

  • GN-0015

    The damn distorted voice is starting to make me sick.

  • Yeah

    It’s Christopher Daniels

  • kriishna

    He is michael Jackson…………..he he he he he he he he

  • it’s me

    even hyping a “mystery-man” TNA sucks big time. Should be a cheap wrestler because TNA is broke!!

  • ariel

    its def not edge tna could never in a million years afford him
    if its hard core holly that man is so incredibly old what a waste
    but it probably is him because tna cant even afford current talent

  • max yarnovich

    its adam pearce

  • Caroline Slater


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