RAW Rating For Dec. 19 Is In

This week’s episode of WWE RAW scored a 2.92 (2.9) cable rating, which makes the third straight week it has been below the 3.00 mark.

The first hour averaged 4.43 million viewers and the second hour averaged 4.17 million viewers. This is the ninth week in a row, and the 12th out of the last 15 where the second hour was down from the first.

The second hour for the show is not doing well, partly because of History Channel programming and ESPN’s Monday Night Football. It terms of cable TV, it ranked #6 in the first hour and #8 in the second.

RAW was #2 behind the NFL for the male 18-34 demographic and #3 behind NFL and Pawn Stars on History Channel for the 18-49 demo. It was also ranked #2 in the 12-34 & 12-17 demos.

One year ago, the December 20th RAW following the TLC PPV did a 3.27 rating against the NFL and History Channel programs. The demographics were higher as well.