Feb. 24 TNA iMPACT Rating Is In

Posted by Brad Davis February 26, 2011 11 Comments

Last night’s edition of TNA iMPACT, featuring the “biggest surprise of the year” that closed the show, did a 1.26 cable rating with 1,545,000 viewers. The rating is up nearly 10% from the 1.13 rating last week. However, the actual viewership remained almost the same as last week’s show, which drew 1,544,000 viewers

This means that the Nielsen ratings system believes less households were watching cable TV in general last night than they were last week, thus making the rating jump by 10% for only an extra thousand viewers.

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    • ugh

      again…up a little one week, down the next, same story over and over for TNA. It’s just not going to get any better. They’ll probably go up a wee bit next week from all the hype they’ve been doing, then it will go back down again the following week. The ratings never go substantially up, yet TNA keeps spending big $ on stupid ideas like Jersey Shore castmembers and the equivalent of ‘lower mid-card’-level NFL players…which will draw a mild amount of media attention, which will go away immediately after their appearances, as with any ratings bump they get because of it. TNA needs to concentrate on improving their product, not pulling these ‘quick fix’ stunts.

    • ED

      So TNA went up 1000 viwers this week…and RAW went up A MILLION.


      Wouldn’t it be great and symbolic for Undertaker’s WM27 match to be him vs. Bischoff in a casket match? Would be fitting to see him close the casket on TNA once and for all.

      • Stu

        Do u work for WWE?
        No?, then why the vitriolic celebration?
        Makes no sense to me, a person either likes pro-wrestling or they don’t. I get it, that people like one show over another, but unless you are financially involved with WWE it strikes me a really really sad that an adult would get SO excited.

        • ED

          To some people, ratings and the competition between rival wrestling promotions is the REAL main event. The only unscripted part of the industry.
          And although I don’t, many people DO own stock in WWE. It’s a publicly traded company, so yes…there ARE fans who are financially vested in WWE.
          But I hate to think of you feeling so sad all because of me Stu. Don’t worry kiddo. I’ll be just fine.

    • Random guy

      That’s just pathetic. 1000 people? Why even report that number?

    • http://www.youtube.com/slic3gce Hollow Bonez


    • BigDHege

      Why does TNA copy WWE with the whole date thing? I mean they obviously got that from WWE with the Undertaker and now they are doing that for Sting. Really???


      TNA SUCKS!!!! Is there anyone who didn’t know that their “shocking surprise” would be Sting? They copied WWE with the video further proving that they can’t do anything original.

    • Tommy

      Speaking of copying, they all do it. Just look at Jack Swagger the all american american, rip off of Kurt Angle, who yes was an original WWE Superstar but the point is they all copy from each other and that is true damn true!

    • Dixie Carter

      Hey guys, tune in this Thursday for another big surprise! … don’t miss it!!

    • sumguy

      wow even smackdown got a better rating than tna.

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