Thursday’s Impact Wrestling Viewership, Dixie Open to WWE-TNA Event

– Thursday’s Impact Wrestling episode averaged 1.05 million viewers. Impact’s audience dropped 17% from last week’s average of 1.27 million viewers. It was the fewest viewers of the year and the closest TNA has come to falling below one million viewers since the Monday Night experiment in Spring 2010.

– Dixie Carter noted that she would be open to a TNA vs. WWE cross over event during a recent interview with Digital Sky. She said:

“I don’t think [the WWE] shares my belief in this, but I believe that competition is 100% positively essential,I think it’s important for fans and for us. To have one company dominate, a) it’s boring, and you are not being challenged enough. It’s always better to have other options out there and I truly believe it makes both companies better. absolutely would do that. I’m not sure if they would do that (a crossover event), but I absolutely would.”