Thursday’s Impact Wrestling Viewership, Dixie Open to WWE-TNA Event

Posted by Matt Boone May 18, 2013 16 Comments

- Thursday’s Impact Wrestling episode averaged 1.05 million viewers. Impact’s audience dropped 17% from last week’s average of 1.27 million viewers. It was the fewest viewers of the year and the closest TNA has come to falling below one million viewers since the Monday Night experiment in Spring 2010.

– Dixie Carter noted that she would be open to a TNA vs. WWE cross over event during a recent interview with Digital Sky. She said:

“I don’t think [the WWE] shares my belief in this, but I believe that competition is 100% positively essential,I think it’s important for fans and for us. To have one company dominate, a) it’s boring, and you are not being challenged enough. It’s always better to have other options out there and I truly believe it makes both companies better. absolutely would do that. I’m not sure if they would do that (a crossover event), but I absolutely would.”

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    • jowaMOjowaKO

      nice idea dixie carter

    • Ernesto Warmachine De Jesus

      Somebody is a visionary… take notes Vince… >_>

    • TexansFanatic

      Of course she would be open to it, that way for once she can come out with some cash off of a ppv!

    • A real fan

      I don’t think Vince would ever go for this because he would get nothing in return, except for has-beens and talents he cut for various reasons. The majority of the TNA locker room has spent time at WWE, whether it was developmental or the main roster.

    • chris

      OH NO SHIT lol. its the only way anyone would notice her. im sure a crappy local burger joint would love to challenge mcdonalds on big time ppv. win or lose their name gets out.


      I hope WWE vs TNA DOES HAPPEN!!! But I’ve got to be dreaming if I think that will ever happen

    • Mac

      WWE vs TNA? Look at any of TNA’s PPV cards from the last several years, And you can see it’s already been happening over there.

      • morrisonfanone

        Good point.

    • KevinT1149

      I never liked TNA really never watched it ever but I think if they decided to do a PPV that crossed over then that would be interesting I would like to AJ Styles vs Dolph Ziggler or Kurt Angle vs CM Punk. But then again Dixie may be thinking that maybe its a way to showcase her talented superstars to steal viewers. Shes obviously not going to put the guys no one gonna care about shes going to put the good TNA guys. I rather see a Cross Over video game that way it wouldnt effect the main stream wrestling.

    • Papa Georgio

      WWE vs TNA would be epic if they booked the right matches. I think Stephanie and HHH would be more open to it than VKM. One can only hope that it will happen. After all, there were plenty of WWF vs NWA matches and I think even WWF vs AWA.

    • Unknown

      If that were to happen especially at a WrestleMania there would be HUGE buy rates (bigger than WrestleMania already gets) and people could finally see The Undertaker vs. Sting

    • theseizurecomic

      The problem with an interbrand storyline is booking it in a way that makes both organizations look strong. it’s hard to do because SOMEBODY has to win the matches and get the better of any feud. the old WCW had this problem with their AWA storyline. Guys like hot stuff eddie gilbert and the original midnight express, greg gagne and curt henning all looked weak after lising to WCW talent, which did NOTHING to help advance the AWA.

      if WWE and TNA crossover, people are gonna want to see franchise star vs. franchise star, champions vs. champions, and dream matches galore. Who do you book to win those? it doesn’t benefit tna at all to have guys like Bobby Roode, Austin Aires, AJ Styles and Hernandez look inferior to WWE talent, but there is no way Vince (or paul and steph, for that matter) would allow Randy Orton, CM Punk, Ryback and the almighty CENA to take a loss.

    • Richard Laube

      Could be good but would most likely turn out lame. Little if any actual TNA talent would be showcased. We’d see Jeff Hardy, Bully Ray and Kurt Angle back in a WWE ring. Now if they did AJ Styles, Austin Aries Bobby Roode and other TNA stars then I’d love to see that.

      Six possible matches…

      Samoa Joe vs Ryback
      Eric Young vs Zach Ryder
      Chavo/Hernandez vs Team Hell No
      AJ Styles vs CM Punk
      Austin Aries vs Dolph Ziggler
      Sting vs John Cena

    • Daniel Lorenzo Lambino

      this won’t happen really.
      but pro wrestling is all scripted so i wanted how and who the wrestlers would cooperate with this if it ever happened.

    • morrisonfanone

      Why the heck would Vince do that? Why would he want an event where half the people he got rid of are facing the one’s currently in the company? That would be pointless. Would open up Sting/Taker though.

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