Titus O’Neil Speaks On Daniel Bryan’s Burglary Situation, Darren Young’s Injury

Posted by Matt Boone August 8, 2014 4 Comments

The following are highlights of a new Turnbuckle Weekly interview with Titus O’Neil:

injury update: “It’s coming along excellent… I talked to him last week because a couple of my friends went to a concert with him and his partner, Nicky. It was a Maxwell concert. He’s doing well and he’ll comeback, I’m sure, very motivated. Hell, he may even come try to beat me and Heath’s (butt) for partnering up. We might have to have the Prime Time Players rejoin.”

chasing down a burglar: “I have a lot respect for him anyway. He is, obviously, dealing with some neck issues. So, my first concern would be are there any ramifications or health issues coming from that? I want him back just like the rest of the WWE Universe wants him back. He’s a very fun person to watch and he’s a really really good person and performer. He’s different. And unless you get a chance to be around him on a daily basis, you won’t understand and be able to appreciate how great his differences are to most people.”

Best wrestlers ever on the mic: “My favorites would probably be Stone Cold Steve Austin and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson… They come from a football atmosphere so there’s an attitude that comes with that. But there’s also an understanding of chemistry and being able to be who you are and knowing how to have swagger and confidence. Those things will always come out at the end of the day regardless of lack of experience in certain fields.”

Check out the complete interview at CBSLocal.com.

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