TMZ Photos of Triple H’s New Haircut

Posted by Matt Boone September 6, 2012 7 Comments

- TMZ posted the following photos of Triple H and his new look outside of WWE headquarters yesterday:



  • WweSouthAfrica

    What the hell? Damn he looks funny now! How could he get rid of the iconic long locks! He’s had them ever since I can remember! This corporate job is destroying the Triple H I used to love! Damnit – was just watching a lot of stuff from the attitude era and Trips was awesome – even in his evolution days! That stable was pure awesome! Wish it could go back to that!

  • fons

    oo man he’s really a douchebag ;)

  • april

    he couldnt look bad no matter what he does, but the hair was awesome, but everyone needs little changes now and then. he is still hot

  • hhh with mullet hair

    Looks like Vince’s hair.
    Hhh should try to bring back the mullet

  • The Miz


  • hanin

    he looks handsome long or short hair

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