TMZ Reports More Details on the Chris Jericho Flag Incident

Posted by Matt Boone May 25, 2012 8 Comments

- TMZ has picked up on the Chris Jericho incident in Brazil where he desecrated the Brazilian flag. As noted before, WWE has suspended Jericho indefinitely.

We noted earlier that during Jericho’s match with CM Punk, a referee came down and interrupted. Jericho was forced to make an apology to the fans before the match was re-started. The match was actually stopped by police. Jericho was informed that desecrating the national flag is a crime, punishable by incarceration.

Jericho was given an option – apologize to the fans or go to jail. Jericho apologized and the match was finished. Jericho was hurried to the back where police were waiting to speak to him. Cooler heads prevailed and Jericho was not arrested. WWE rushed him to the airport and out of the country, then announcing his suspension.

TMZ’s sources report that the flag incident was not planned or approved by WWE officials.

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    • Jim Ross

      Isnt Brazil the place where tourists are kidnapped and held for ransom and child sex slaves are sold on the beaches for loose change? Good thing that police are there to make sure people dont disrespect a piece of colored cloth at a wrestling show!!!!

      • Rog

        For starters, don’t believe what you hear and don’t say things that you think you know about a place you’ve NEVER been. There are no children sold in beaches much less sex slaves, unfortunately the kidnap thing HAPPENED some time ago in Rio but is NOT something that happens every time. And the place where the show happened is one of the places where important events take place in São Paulo and if somebody desecrated US flag you sure would bitch about it!! If you want to say bs around, know the reality of what you’re talking about!!

      • American Shame

        You can find plenty of sex slaves right he in America, see Daytona Beach. As well as drug addicts everywhere. It is not a piece of colored cloth it is a symbol for an entire nation.

        • Jim Ross

          yes, factually all flags are only pieces of colored cloth.

    • iRox420

      Jericho didn’t do anything that hadn’t been done already, Shawn Michaels had the canadian flag up his nose and dry humped it in the ring. So Brazil fans need to chill out. I think Jericho shouldn’t have been made to apologize, he was doing his job and getting heat like any good heel would.

    • Steve

      WWE fired Finley for a similar incident with an American flag – jeez WWE het over it its only a flag FGS *rolls eyes*

    • American Shame

      Good for Brazil, many people desecrate our US flag and I think it is a shame. There use to be laws against it, but we devalue so much here in the name of freedom that we have the highest murder rate, the worst education system of civilized countries, the most crime almost anywhere. Hey great country. I love America but we need stricter laws with tougher punishments.

    • wweisgettingboring

      hes just doing his job people

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