TMZ Reveals Lots of Details on Randy Orton’s Divorce Including Salary

Posted by Matt Boone July 10, 2013 9 Comments

- TMZ reports that Randy Orton has gotten divorced from his wife Samantha. They were married back in 2007 but separated back in 2012. A divorce order was just signed last month. Samantha filed for divorce back in March of this year, claiming their marriage is “irretrievably broken.” Both Orton and Samantha have came to a separation agreement.

According to documents, Orton will get to keep his 2012 Range Rover, his 2011 Bentley and his 2009 Harley Davidson. Samantha will get to keep her 2013 Infiniti. Orton also gets to keep several six-figure bank accounts, his gun and jewelry collections plus one house. Orton also keeps 100% of all rights, title and interest in his WWE contract. According to the same documents, Orton brings in $291,666 per month from WWE.

Samantha will get to keep a bank account worth $654,317, one house and her jewelry collection, which includes her $99,000 engagement ring and wedding ring. Samantha will receive sole legal and physical custody of their daughter but Orton will get visitation rights. Orton has agreed to pay $4,500 per month in child support.

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    • Link

      Hogan calls Orton:”How the hell did you do it?”

      • Spencer Elliott

        LMFAO, very funny! :-)
        To be fair, I think I read somewhere that she earns a tonne cash too, so he could of probably gone after her too if she got greedy.

    • Josh

      If Orton fails another drug test, what will happen with that child support money?

      • Cowboy bob

        Several six figure bank accounts. Some how I think he will manage. Not to mention 1 payment would be less then prob 1 Indy appearance if it ever got that far that he would have to do that. Yah think money wise he will be just fine. Mentally is another situation, is their a third Bella sister somewhere out there?

        • Beer Money Jobber

          I think there’s a factory in San Diego that’s rolling Bellas off the assembly line.

    • ExtremeWrestlingFan

      Come on TMZ! Orton keeps his personal life private, Why the F*** must you be nosy?

    • Liana Taylor

      VERY SAD. At least they divided things and not took it personally against eachother

    • Camp Cornette

      His daughter gets more in child support than I do working. FML

    • Meat

      I got divorced and only got the fucking cat and rights to my name

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