TNA Also Parts Ways with Member of Aces & 8s

Posted by Matt Boone July 17, 2013 11 Comments

- Luke Gallows, also known as Aces & 8s member DOC, has been removed from the Impact Wrestling roster page.

Gallows confirmed his release on Twitter:

“My contract with TNA wrestling expired on July 12th, as of this evening we have parted ways. #SUNTANBIKERMAN tours again!!”

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    • Matt Bult

      who is going too replace aces and eights member

    • Over

      How about everyone parts ways and we stop dragging this thing out. This is like watching an old man trying to send back soup at a deli.

    • Matt Bult

      are aces and eights going too break up anytime soon

    • China

      This can’t be good, I always thought Gallows as a legit member, not just another bit of background. Unless he just didn’t resign…

    • Kage

      Wow, that’s strange. From the way he’s been booked on TV, I thought they were going to give him a babyface run. I even remember reading that he was supposedly popular with TNA management. Wonder what happened?

    • The Troll Hunter

      Good Riddance! Tired of the generic big guys that randomly go into the ring & just do punch, kick & a big boot. Now, if they can just get rid of garret bischoff, wes brisco, rob terry and possibly knox, then you can maybe higher some actual talent. (Ricochet, Rich Swann, AR Foxx, etc)

    • ariel

      at kage TNA doesn’t have any capital anymore. they are running out of money
      talent high and low are receiving their pay checks late and they are taking drastic measures to cut people in order to stay afloat.
      this is the beginning of the last two years of tna
      im hoping jeff hardy and kurt angle go back to wwe they are the best in the company to me

      • Nicholas Williams

        I would hope that Kurt Angle goes back to WWE but if TNA goes out of business then there would be way better talent that WWE could pick up instead of Jeff Hardy. Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, James Storm, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, Mr. Anderson, just to name a few. Hell I would rather see WWE pick up EY then Jeff Hardy.

        • Not Chris Jericho

          Problem is, there’s 1 maybe (MAYBE) 2 people of those you listed that would make it above jobber status. Samoa Joe and AJ Styles. Daniels, Storm, and Roode tried for years to go to WWE. Aries has never been interested, and his attitude wouldn’t do him any favors. As for Mr. Anderson, rumors been that officials got tired of him being injured, and then he hurt Randy Orton the night he returned so they booted him, and he’d just be a jobber if he went back.

          Samoa Joe would be an unbeatable monster (especially with guys like Bryan, Punk, RVD being some of his best friends. It’d be a new Kliq). Aj Styles would be another underrated 5 time IC Champ, PPV contender, and Fan favorite but they would never do him justice…not that TNA has the past 5 years either, though.

          • Nicholas Williams

            i dont disagree with what you said but watching storm roode and daniels as jobbers would be better then any jeff hardy match. the only reason they would bring him in is because the name and fan base he already has. but jeff is a shitty wrestler. his style has gotten too sloppy. and not to mention his problem with drugs (trust me that aint over)

      • Not Chris Jericho

        I hope you’re wrong, but you’re probably right. The only real good things that could come out of TNA going out of business is WWE buying the video library, and Samoa Joe vs. Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Jericho, Cena, Sheamus…

        Now I kinda want them to go under so we can get a Joe vs. Sheamus No DQ match.

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