TNA Announces The 6-Sided Ring Is Officially Back

Posted by Brad Davis June 24, 2014 13 Comments

TNA has announced that the 6-sided ring is officially back and will return this week at Wednesday’s Impact Wrestling tapings the Manhattan Center in New York City. Here’s the official announcement:

Fans voted and the TNA Board of Directors listened! Beginning this week at our New York tapings, the 6-sided ring returns to IMPACT Wrestling!

Last week, posted a poll for the fans to vote on their favorite TNA ring, 4-sides or 6-sides. We can now exclusively report that the TNA Board of Directors requested this information during a series of closed door meetings regarding the future of TNA Wrestling. Fans voted overwhelmingly for one of the options and this was presented to the Board during another private meeting today.

Giving the fans a major voice in the decision, the TNA Board of Directors has just revealed to their decision to reintroduce the 6-sided ring! Effective immediately, the new 6-sided ring is set to debut at the upcoming IMPACT television taping on June 25th at New York City’s famed Manhattan Center.

Witness the return of #6Sides this week during the #TNANYC IMPACT tapings! More information is available at the links below.

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    • troll


    • ExtremeWrestlingFan

      The Board of Directors?…Which in your business today is like…what?…2 people?

      • Mr. X

        Its just Al Snow in a broom closet… But he has a lightbulb in there though!

        • Ted Gal

          Al snow with head

          • David Ross

            Al Snow and Head as CEO. Book it!!!

    • asdf god

      aww fuck. not that crappy circus freak fest of a ring again.

    • Nero :3

      Is the Six Sided Ring for that taping or it’s permanently?

      • Bam Bam


        • Nero :3

          All TNA has to do is rebuilt the X-Division and TNA would be back to it’s former self, unless Dixie Carter finds a way to ruin that….then TNA would suck like the Eric/Hulk era.

          • Camp Cornette

            It’ll take a lot more than a gimmick to fix TNA. It wasn’t the shape of the ring that made TNA what it was, and it also had nothing to do with it’s failure.

    • D

      Good. Now commit to rebuilding the x-division and getting back to the elements that made TNA stand out originally.

      • David Ross

        Agreed. It’s good that the six sided ring is back as that always made TNA stand out. I believe that with the right booker (*cough* Scott D’Amore *cough*) TNA could build the whole promotion around the X Division. I remember the Joe/Styles/Daniels matches with fondness…

    • George Flegel


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