TNA Bound For Glory 2013 Results

Kurt Angle Declines TNA Hall Of Fame Induction

In the ring, Jeremy Borash says it’s time to make it official, it’s time to induct Kurt Angle into the TNA Hall Of Fame. To induct Angle, is the only other member of the TNA Hall Of Fame – Sting. Sting comes out and talks about how honored he was to be inducted into the TNA Hall Of Fame. He talks about Angle winning Olympic gold. He brings out Kurt Angle. Angle comes to the ring and the fans chant for him. Angle talks about how much this means to him. Sting tells him he’s been loney in the Hall Of Fame and says it’s time to make things official. Sting hands Angle a box. Angle opens it and it’s a gold watch. Angle hesitates and then begins talking. Angle says he’s going to respectfully decline the induction. He says he’s let his family, friends and peers down. He says he’s going to set a new standard. He says everything he’s accomplished means nothing compared to what he’s going to accomplish in the future. He thanks Sting but says he will join him in the Hall Of Fame when he truly deserves it.

Backstage: Dixie Carter & EC3

Backstage, Ethan Carter III meets up with Dixie Carter. The two recite some kind of weird “Carter saying,” a very egotistical speech that they repeat about how everyone needs them, etc.

TNA Knockouts Title
-Gail Kim vs. Brooke Tessmacher vs. ODB

The match begins and ODB is in control of the offense early on. A minute or so into the match, Brooke has ODB in the corner and she rubs her ass all over her face. Taz talks about how she practices that move at clubs. ODB seconds later hits a bronco buster and continues rubbing that in for a bit. The crowd is pretty dead for this match. Kim throws ODB into the corner, but Brooke hits Kim with a giant pounce that sends her crashing to the outside. Brooke mounts ODB in the corner and hits a huge facebuster out of the corner, planting ODB’s face in the mat. Brooke rips away at ODB’s face in the ropes before crashing down with all her weight on ODB’s back. Brooke hits a couple of crossface clubbing blows, but ODB backs Brooke into the corner to get her off her back. Brooke comes right back, sending ODB to the mat and kicking her back before hitting a big neckbreaker. Brook grabs ODB by the hair then hits another neckbreaker that’s good for a two count. Brooke slams ODB’s face into the mat, but when she hits the ropes, Kim grabs her legs. Kim wraps Brooke’s legs around the ring post and locks in a figure four around the ring post for a bit. Kim breaks the hold and heads into the ring.

Brooke hits Kim with a kick, and ODB runs right into Kim, bouncing her from the ring. Brooke hits ODB with a couple of forearms, but ODB fights right back, shouldering Brooke. Brooke turns it into a roll up for two, but ODB catches Brooke right in a single leg Boston crab. Brooke crawls to the ropes, but ODB sits back. Kim is in the ring and she breaks up the hold. Kim mounts ODB and blasts her with a series of forearms before she heads to the top turnbuckle. Brooke meets her and the top and the two ladies trade right hands. ODB heads up in the corner as well and tries for a double suplex, but Kim and Brooke fight it off and Brooke pushes ODB to the mat. Kim hits ODB with a missile dropkick, and Brooke drops and elbow from the top rope.

ODB recovers and hits her finisher. ODB drops Kim across Brooke. ODB appears to be in position to win, when Lei’D Tapa’s music hits. Out she comes to the top of the stage. ODB sees her. She drinks from her flask and then runs at her. Tapa nails ODB with a big boot. Tapa approaches the ring as Brooke is on the top rope. Brooke leaps out onto the stage attempting to splash Tapa. Tapa catches her and powerbombs her back in the ring. Kim covers her. 1-2-3. We have a new Knockouts Champion. After the match, Tapa and Kim celebrate together.

Winner and NEW TNA Knockouts Champion: Gail Kim

Backstage: BroMans Celebrate

Backstage, Jeremy Borash introduces a new member of the TNA broadcast team. He is with BroMans, who are celebrating their TNA World Tag-Team Championship victory from earlier in the show with the current Mr. Olympia champion.

Bobby Roode vs. Kurt Angle

The bell sounds and both guys exchange a lot of amateur wrestling moves and holds. A dueling “let’s go Kurt, let’s go Roode” chant breaks out. The two lock up and do some more back-and-forth amateur wrestling. Throughout the entire match thus far the announcers have continued debating as to why Angle turned down the Hall Of Fame induction earlier tonight. Angle htis Roode with a few punches. Roode takes Angle to the mat and tries for a running knee, but Angle is able to counter, catches Roode’s ankle. Roode breaks the hold and sends Angle crashing to the outside. Roode invites Angle back into the ring, sitting on the rope and waiting for Angle. When Angle re-enters the ring, Roode takes the fight right to Angle in the corner. Angle scores with a belly to belly suplex, a big clothesline, and a belly to back suplex. Roode goes out to the floor to recover. Angle goes out after him. They brawl a bit before Angle suplexes Roode on the floor.

Angle sends Roode back into the ring and catches him with a shoulder to the gut from the apron. Angle, on the apron, tries to suplex Roode to the outside, but Roode fights it off and snaps Angle’s neck across the top rope. Angle and Roode head back to the outside and Roode lays Angle on the ring apron. Roode hits a couple of elbows to the chest of Angle. Angle hits a big running forearm, the a clothesline. Angle catches Roode with a belly to back suplex, then a second. Roode avoids a third, but runs right into a belly to belly, and then a third belly to back suplex for another two count. Angle waits for Roode to get to his feet, but Roode hits an arm drag and a big spine buster for a near fall of his own. Roode shoulders Angle, but Angle fights out and locks Roode in the ankle lock. Roode kicks Angle away, and Angle charges, but misses and hits the ring post shoulder first. Roode sends Angle to the mat with a single arm DDT. Roode gets Angle in the crossface, trapping his arm at the same time. Angle reaches the ropes and forces a break. Roode stomps Angle, picks him up, and seats him on the top rope. Roode heads up after Angle and he tries for a belly to back superplex. Angle fights it off and sends Roode crashing to the mat.

Angle stands on the top turnbuckle with his back to Roode. Kurt goes for the moonsault, but Roode rolls out of the way and traps Angle in the crossface, trapping the arm again. Angle counters by catching Roode’s ankle and standing, transitioning into a full-on ankle lock. Roode screams in pain and teases tapping out, but he’s able to roll through into another crossface. Angle almost taps out, but is able to turn it into a roll up. Roode counters into a roll up of his own. Roode tries for a backslide, but Angle fights it off, and scores a two count. Both men won’t give up, and both go down to the mat. Angle and Roode are slow to stand, and they tread right hands, with Angle gets a German suplex on Roode, but Roode pulls the ref in a low blows Angle. Roode shoulders Angle into a crazy neckbreaker, but Angle won’t stay down. Roode picks up Angle, but Angle rolls through and catches Roode in the ankle lock again. Roode tries to kick Angle away, but Angle hangs on. Angle grapevines the leg, and Roode is struggling. Roode reaches for the ropes, but he fades. The announcers are talking like he has passed out from the pain. The ref checks Roode’s arm. As it falls down, he grabs the ropes. It looked for a moment there like the referee turned heel and helped Roode, but apparently that is not the case.

After the two get back up, Angle takes Roode to the top rope. Angle hoists Roode up and hits the Angle Slam on him off the top rope. Both guys are down. The referee begins his double-count. The ref gets to the count of nine before Roode gets to his feet. Roode immediately falls right back down on top of Angle. 1-2-3. Roode wins in odd fashion. After the match, Angle remained laid out. The ref and staff check on Angle but he’s lifeless on the mat. They bring out a stretcher. As they go to stretcher him out, he finally pulls himself up and hops off the stretcher. Angle stumbles up the ramp and heads to the back. Very weird stuff.

Winner: Bobby Roode