TNA Bound For Glory 2013 Results

Backstage: AJ Styles, Aces & 8’s

Backstage, we see AJ Styles alone putting his gloves on and getting ready for battle. In a separate segment, we see Bully Ray talking to some people we can’t see. He talks about how they thought this guy would never trust him again, how this other guy would never be seen again, etc. He says tonight is all about their colors. All about their World Championship. All about their creed. When you ride with the Aces & 8’s, you never ride alone.

Ethan Carter III vs. Norv Fernum

Out comes Ethan Carter III with a big elaborate intro. Out next is his opponent, a very skinny, total jobber-looking dude named Norv Fernum. EC3 dominates the crap out of Fernum throughout the majority of the early going of the match. He’s arm-dragging him and tossing him around like a rag doll. Fernum finally gets in a tad bit of offense, as he lands a few dropkicks on EC3. He lands a high cross body splash on him off the top. EC3 stops Fernum and hits him with a big T-Bone suplex. Tenay asks if Taz signed off on that one. EC3 hits Fernum with his finisher, which is a bad-ass looking face-plant type reverse-DDT sort of move. Pretty cool move. EC3 wins.

Winner: Ethan Carter III

Backstage: Magnus

Jeremy Borash is backstage with Magnus. He talks about arriving to the biggest night of his life. He talks about Sting naming him a member of the Main Event Mafia. He says he plans to defeat Sting tonight. He said Sting told him when opportunity knocks, to answer the door. Magnus says tonight he’s knocking on Sting’s door. He talks about how he’s in hostile territory near Sting’s hometown tonight. He says he’s got a date with destiny, and she’s getting impatient.

Magnus vs. Sting

It looks as though Sting is going to wrestle this match in a t-shirt. Magnus shoves Sting in the corner to start things off. Sting clotheslines Magnus to the floor. Sting gets up to the ramp and Magnus holds the ropes for him, hitting him with an immediate short-arm clothesline. Magnus hits Sting with a couple of shoulders to the gut in the corner before hitting hitting him with a couple of knees to the back, and locking Sting in a body scissors. Magnus is able to roll up Sting for two, but Sting rolls back to a seated position. Sting gets out of the hold, and Magnus keeps up the fight, hitting Sting with a couple of blows to the stomach in the corner. Sting retreats across the ring, but Magnus will not let up, continuing to attack Sting in the corner. Sting hits a back body drop, and a couple of rights before clotheslines. Sting traps Magnus in the Scorpion Death Lock, but Magnus fights out of it.

Both guys go for a clotheline, and they both land. Each man is down now in the middle of the ring. Sting hits Magnus, but Magnus mocks Sting with an old-school Sting with an old-school Sting pose, then hits him with a Stinger splash in the corner. Magnus tries for the cloverleaf, but Sting fights it off. Magnus hits a couple of big rights, but Sting shrugs it off and hits his own Stinger splash. Sting locks Magnus in another death lock. Magnus struggles to reach the ropes, but Sting pulls him back to the center of the ring. Magnus makes it to the ropes and forces a break.

Sting goes for another splash, but Magnus hits a giant uppercut and follows it up with a scorpion death drop. Magnus heads to the top and drops the elbow, getting a two count. Magnus heads to the top and goes for another elbow drop, but Sting moves and Magnus crashes to the mat. Sting tries for the scorpion death drop, but Magnus fights it off with a series of back elbows to the face. Sting misses a clothesline, and Magnus locks Sting in the cloverleaf. Sting struggles to get to the ropes to break the hold. He can’t make it. Sting taps out. Magnus wins. After the match, Magnus hit all four corners to celebrate. Sting was trying to congratulate him, but Magnus ignored him. Finally, Sting extends his hand and Magnus quickly shakes it, smiles, and walks off. The announcers put that over as disrespect by Magnus.

Winner: Magnus

Backstage: Bully Ray

Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviews Bully Ray. Ray says AJ reeks of fear. Ray said that AJ told him he has to kill him to win. Ray said that reminds him of a song. He sings a few lyrics. He says he doesn’t want AJ to die. Ray says he wants far worse for him. He wants him to have to live with the fact that he lost to him. He says he wants him to have to drive back to the trailer park in Georgia and look his wife and children in the eyes. He wants him to see the disappointment in their eyes. He wants him to live so little AJ can look up with his redneck eyes and say, “daddy, what happened?” Ray says welcome to his jungle and walks off.

TNA World Heavyweight Title
No Disqualification Rules
-Bully Ray (c) vs. AJ Styles

Jeremy Borash does the long, drawn out introductions for each man. The bell sounds and our main event for the TNA World Heavyweight Title is officially underway. Ray backs Styles into the corner and punks him out. He yells at him and says he can see in his eyes he’s afraid. Ray slams Styles down hard and grills him from across the ring. Ray scoops him up and slams him down again, and then backs into a corner and stares him down some more. Ray nails Styles with a huge short-arm clothesline. Ray gets in Styles face while he’s down in the corner. He again talks about how he knows Styles is afraid of him. Styles finally fires up with a bunch of punches. Styles hits a perfect dropkick on Ray and plays to the crowd. The two get tangled up a bit but ultimately Styles rolls into the calf-killer submission hold.

Garret Bischoff comes to the ring. Styles let go of the hold to go out on the ramp and confront Garret. Back in the ring, Ray has a hammer. Garret backs his way into the locker room again. Styles comes back into the ring and before Ray can hit him with the hammer, Styles kicks Ray and he drops it. Styles now picks up the hammer. Styles goes to hit Ray with it but Ray blocks him and chops him hard. Styles drops the hammer and it rolls out of the ring. Ray slams Styles face-first into the corner and chops him again. Ray gets in Styles’ face again and Styles shouts back. Styles tells Ray to hit him. Ray chops him hard again and Styles no-sells it. A close-up shows a lot of welting where Ray has been chopping him. Styles’ chest is a mess. Styles takes another hard chop and no-sells it again. Styles dropkicks Ray’s legs out from him.

Out comes Knux. Knux heads into the ring as Styles heads to the top rope. Styles comes flying off the top but Knux catches him coming down and chokeslams him. Ray covers Styles but Styles kicks out at two. Ray yells at the ref, but the ref isn’t having it. Earl Hebner yells right back at Ray. Styles rolls Ray up from behind but Ray kicks out at two. Ray kicks Styles through the ropes and onto the floor. Ray goes out after him and slams his head into the announcers table. The crowd is chanting “we want tables.” Ray picks up the hammer. Before he can hit him with it, Styles hits him with a big kick. Styles has the hammer now. Styles thinks for a moment and then throws the hammer down without using it. Styles lays Ray across the announce table. Styles comes flying off the top and does about two flips in mid-air before crashing violently through the table alone. That was brutal. They show a bunch of replays.

Tenay yells at Taz, asking him what he handed Ray. Apparently Taz handed Ray a blade. Ray takes the blade and cuts the ring to shreds. He’s pulling all of the padding and stuff out of the ring. It’s just wood now with no mat or padding. The crowd starts chanting “E-C-dub, E-C-dub.” Styles it still out on the floor trying to get back to his feet. Ray comes back out after him and stomps on his head. Ray yells to the back, “send them out.”

Dixie Carter makes her way to the ring. She hands Ray a chair in the ring. Styles finally comes back to life and flies off the top and throws a huge forearm through the chair into Ray’s face. Styles springboards into a 450 splash onto Ray in the ring. As the ref goes to make the cover, Dixie stops him. She tells him not to count the pin. Hebner counts one and stops. He looks back at Dixie. He counts two and Ray kicks out. Styles looks for the Styles Clash but Ray reverses it into a back-body drop on the exposed part of the ring. Ray goes to the top and does his big back splash onto Styles. Ray covers Styles but Styles kicks out at two. Ray hits Styles hard across the back with a chair. Real hard. Dixie, meanwhile, has been standing outside the ring on the ramp the entire time. Ray hits Styles again with the chair. Ray goes for a piledriver but Styles rolls through it and hits Ray with the Pele kick. Both guys are down.

Both guys work their way back to their feet and Styles nails Ray in the head with a chair. Styles goes to the top, he points at Dixie, then hits Ray with the Spiral Cap. 1-2-3. Styles wins the TNA World Heavyweight Title. Dixie screams in anger.

Winner and NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion: AJ Styles