TNA Cancels Two Live Events, Bully Ray Talks About His Health & More

-TNA has posted two Impact Wrestling non-televised live events in Kansas due to what the company is calling “scheduling conflicts.” The shows were originally scheduled for October 4th in Wichita, Kansas and October 5th in Topeka, Kansas.

-TNA Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion Bully Ray recently appeared on Mix 106.1 out of Philadelphia for an interview. During the conversation, Bully Ray talked about his health and how much longer he can continue wrestling. Ray said, “I have a lot of ‘go’ left in me. I’m very fortunate – I have taken care of myself despite being a heavier dude. I don’t have any vices – addictions or anything like that.Yes, I have taken a pounding. … But, I’m still going strong. Taking great care of myself now allows me to go out there at a high level and entertain. There are not many guys in wrestling who have taken the abuse that I have taken and continue to do this at the level that I’m doing it at.”

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