TNA Draws Low Rating for Live Episode of Impact Wrestling

Posted by Matt Boone June 2, 2012 8 Comments

- Thursday’s live episode of TNA Impact Wrestling scored a low 0.89 cable rating in the new 8pm timeslot. The show drew 1.296 million viewers. This was the lowest rated first run, non-holiday Impact in years.

The rating was down 12% from last week’s taped episode which did a 1.01 rating with 1.43 million viewers. Quarter-hour ratings aren’t out yet but hour one starting early likely hurt the overall rating.

  • GhostDistortion

    TNA draws low rating….I wonder why?

  • We are your boss Vince!

    When will wrestling companies give the people what THEY want instead of just “get what you’re given” rubbish. WWE and TNA basically need to kiss our ass and do everything we want or else they won’t be around for long, especially TNA.

    • Peter

      WWE and TNA have existed long enough without listening to advices like this, why would they do it now? The people will never be satisfied, if WWE and TNA gave their fans power over their product, it will be a disaster.

  • mistico

    An hour early + Brooke Hogan = Low Ratings

  • ……

    They should have probably promoted and advertised this alot better…I had no idea that last impact was live and had a new time….plus they are going up against the NBA Playoffs and these two series have bin mad exciting …

  • Broski

    I don’t think ratings will come up immediately. Maybe TNA just needs to keep the live show going and hopefully improve their ratings after several weeks.

  • Eddie Mcvain

    if wwe doesnt get johnny morongitis off wwe tv soon, they will be below tna in ratings soon. Mark my words.

    • tedhammersley

      i couldnt agree more, TNA ALL THE WAY!

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