TNA Drops the TV Title, Update on Jeff and Karen Jarrett, More

Posted by Matt Boone July 8, 2013 4 Comments

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- As of this writing, there are no plans to bring Jeff and Karen Jarrett back to TNA television.

- TNA has decided to drop the TNA Television Title for now. The feeling within the company is they can always re-introduce the belt later down the line if needed.

Source: PWInsider

  • Matt Bult

    yes jeff is going back too wwe

    • Kage

      LOL Jarrett back to WWE?

      Only when Vince dies.

  • Hollywood HOgan

    Drop gutcheck! Drop more titles! Drop more talent! We need to make space for Nick and Linda’s salary, brother!

  • Move along

    Ok Dixie, that’s enough. I know you came into a room and found half a Lego house built, and you made it into a nice little castle. But it’s time to put the toys away and stop playing, mommy and daddy can’t afford anymore for you right now, so lets clean it all up nice and neat please, it’s done.

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