TNA Fails To Reach #August1Warning/YouTube Goal, Post Your Mystery-Man Predictions

Posted by Matt Boone August 1, 2013 16 Comments

recently promised to reveal a “clue” as to who the “” mystery-man is upon reaching 250,000 views on the initial video released on their official YouTube channel. As of 12:00pm E.T. on Thursday, the first “#August1Warning” video on ’s YouTube channel has reached 219,083 views.

Whether or not TNA planned on releasing a new video everyday leading up to tonight on Spike TV when they first launched the online angle is unknown. One would assume the company changed plans as the online angle picked up momentum, as it would be unrealistic to expect to reach 250,000 views on a video with three additional follow-up videos being released, devaluing the significance of the original.

Check out TNA Impact Wrestling tonight on Spike TV to find out who the “#August1Warning” mystery-man is.

Meanwhile, would like to know what everyone’s final predictions are regarding the TNA mystery-man. Is it definitely former UFC Champion Tito Ortiz, as his debut with Bellator was confirmed on Spike TV last night, or is it somebody else? Post your final predictions as a comment directly below, or by posting on our official FACEBOOK page, and/or our official TWITTER page.