TNA Gets Another Week of Live Impact, BFG Series Update, Brooke Hogan

Posted by Matt Boone June 23, 2012 11 Comments

- A fan wrote to Brooke Hogan on Twitter and said that she should “go home” because TNA’s ratings are going to keep dropping now that she’s on the roster. She replied:

“ratings went up 31 percent hunnnnayyyyyy”

– reports that Spike TV has agreed to let TNA’s Impact Wrestling go live for an additional week, meaning the show will run live until at least August 23rd. This gives TNA a 13-week trial run.

– TNA ran two Bound For Glory Series matches at Friday night’s Basebrawl live event in Buffalo, New York.

Series leader James Storm defeated Robbie E. and now sit at the top of the standings with 34 points. Samoa Joe earned his first 7 points by defeating Mr. Anderson.

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    • Jackie Priest

      Up 31 percent? What world is Brooke living in. Go home Brooke please.

    • Eddie Mcvain

      hey man, have you seen the numbers? I havent myself, but what if she is telling the truth? What clever banter will you have then? Oh i know, you wont. It’ll be more silly garbage. Lmao. By all means try again, cause in this case so far, you’ve failed completly. Lmao!

      • “The Real” GhostDistortion

        Obviously you haven’t seen them. They’re rating last Thursday was 0.95. It’s pretty much the same as it’s always been. TNA is not up, it’s actually down because they were breaking just above a 1.0. Get your facts straight before you come on here with that Bullshit. Go back to your little kids Dragon Ball Z shit because you are the one that’s failed completely.

    • Gonorrhea

      This fire burns when I pee.

      • This Fire Burns burns always…ALWAYS

    • mistico

      TNA fans should start chanting “Up 31 percent” whenever they see Brooke Hogan.

    • Vegeta

      The rating is over 9000!!!!!!!!!!

    • wow zzzzz

      Maybe .31% but not 31%. And last weeks tna ending was so bad the girl in it couldn’t act for crap. And what was with the overdone Brooke segment they could of ended it in one sitting not 3 different commercial segments

    • TheMachineX2

      Yea I am sorry Brooke definitely does not belong. I am a TNA-ITE , a former WCW/ nWo – er and I feel like turning off the tv set when I see Brooke Hogan on my wrestling show. HH needs to go as well.

    • thedrunkwrestlingfan

      Brooke probably meant up 31 percent for the quarter hour she was on.cuz if she’s talkink actual ratings that 31 percent would have boosted the .95 from the last week to a 1.2,, which it was actually a 1.02.and the only reason spike extended the live show a week was so dixie didn”t have to fly the talent in just for 1 day of taping.and finally the bfg series is a joke,storm is gonna win it to finally get payback for what roode did to him to win the strap(beer bottle over the head).thus basically making the aries storyline(which was interesting) being a waste.

    • Tony Schiavone

      Hold on to your seats…TNA’s rating is the GREATEST that its ever been!

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