TNA Head Reportedly Not A Fan Of Women’s Wrestling, Bobby Roode On “TNA Today”

Posted by Matt Boone September 27, 2012 5 Comments

- The Wrestling Observer reports that one of the reasons ‘some women’ have quit TNA Wrestling in the past year stems from the belief that Bruce Prichard, Senior Vice President of Programming and Talent Relations, is not in favor of women’s wrestling. This would also explain why the Knockouts division is not as given as much prominence as in the past, with only a few talents being highlighted.

Angelina Love and Velvet Sky reportedly left the promotion on their own accord and the roles of Mickie James, Rosita, Sarita and Winter were greatly curtailed after Prichard came into power last October.

– On Wednesday’s edition of TNA Today, Bobby Roode discusses his return to Impact Wrestling, what he did during his hiatus, and the Bound for Glory Series unfolding. He also addresses his former tag team partner, James Storm.

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    • ExtremeWrestlingFan

      He must be gay.

    • The Truth, shall set you free

      I don’t find there to be any need for ridiculously sexist comments like that. Divas put in as much work as the men and get 1/4th the credit for it. If WWE/TNA really put there resources behind more female wrestlers the segment could grow, and in time, will. Whereas people who share your school of thought will be as dumbfounded by that, as people from the 1920’s losing out to women in the job market today.

    • Clive McCheese

      Whilst I think that the knockouts are the best female wrestlers in the world, I would still rather watch male wrestling anyday, so it’s no big loss for me.

    • Ben Dover

      The Knockouts get higher ratings than Hulk Hogan every time he talks. Plus if Bruce decides to give the Knockouts less time in the ring and on camera. They will honestly lose more viewers like with six sided ring, they were different. I want to feel like I’m watching TNA wrestling, not WWE again.

    • 40 dawg

      No knockouts= no ratings. Bruce pritchard is a sexist idiot, now I’m starting to think fans shouldn’t be worried about hogan ruining tna ( although I still think hogan should retire and never be on tv again ) but we should worry more about pritchard ruining tna. The knockouts carried tna for how long? And this jerkoff comes in and dismantles the strongest womens division in wrestling cuz he has mommy issues and hates women. Where does tna find these people? Surprised with all these bad decisions tna is still in existence.

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