TNA iMPACT SPOILERS For March 3, 2011

Posted by Brad Davis February 25, 2011 31 Comments

Thanks to Matthew Valenzuela and for the following spoilers:

Dixie Carter came out and was interrupted by Immortal. Eric Bischoff got some mic time. He handed the mic over to Ric Flair, who brought out Hulk Hogan. Hogan said he won the court case and now has 100 percent control of the company. Fortune ran out, but security stepped in.

1. Beer Money defeated Gunner and Murphy to retain the TNA Tag Titles. Gunner and Murphy were in control of the match until Robert Roode tagged in James Storm. It was all Beer Money after that and they won clean. Ink Inc. came out afterward and challenged them to a match for the Victory Road pay-per-view. Beer Money was really over.

2. Velvet Sky defeated Sarita. Velvet won clean with a DDT. Robbie E, Cookie, and Angelina came out. Robbie E fell unintentionally while coming to the ring. Angelina said she wanted a piece of JWoww, and she took a shot at Velvet. It appears it will be Beautiful People and Winter vs. Sarita, Angelina, and Cookie in a six-Knockout tag on the second taping.

The Jeff and Karen Jarrett wedding ceremony started. Eric Young and Orlando Jordan are involved the wedding. Kurt Angle attacked Jeff Jarrett immediately. Karen Angle was supposed to go into the cake, but it appeared she messed up her spot. It was a very short segment. They are teasing that the wedding will still take place later in the show. Young was the ring bearer and wore a tuxedo t-shirt, and Orlando was the flower girl.

3. Scott Steiner beat Rob Terry. Steiner won the match with the Steiner Recliner.

4. Matt Morgan defeated Hernandez by disqualification.

The main event of the first taping is Jeff Hardy vs. a mystery opponent for the TNA Title.

They aired a 3-3-11 video. Yes, really.

5. Sting defeated Jeff Hardy to win the TNA Title. Sting wore a new outfit with red sequins and had an old school look. Sting hit the Scorpion Death Drop and scored the clean pin.

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    • Random guy

      Come on now TNA. Sting is a legend and all that, but he hasn’t drawn ratings for you in years. Beating a dead horse at this point.

    • Guud Gwd

      No AJ, No Joe, No Show… TNA totally blows…

    • Save_Us.Y2K

      Sting took the title off Hardy right before Hardy’s court date…….wow.

    • JESTER

      maybe TNA for some reason thinks that just because Fans were going crazy over Sting possibly going to RAW, that he will get the same reaction in TNA?
      well guess what TNA?
      WRONG, i watched 5 minutes of your show, read online that the surprise was Sting and changed the channel. So take that. lol.

      and btw i love how TNA talks S**t about WWE and mocks them yet when they switched to Mondays they had their lowest ratings ever. haha. yea, TNA is the annoying kid that gets to the safety of his doorstep yells at you then quickly shuts the door and locks it lol.

      • sumguy

        i agree

    • TheMan

      RIP OFF

    • Dhilip Amaresan

      Sting became lame again…. and a 3-3-11 promo????? TNA sucks!!!!!!!! Sting you are such a bastard ur entire career of great matches are under the rights of the wwe and you want to be in a lame show called TNA!!!!! if you can be champion then why cant u wrestle some legend like undertaker at Wrestle Mania… you had ur chance sting …you are not a man of honor…. you simply suck!!!!! a scare baby dont even have the guts to come to the wwe!!!!!! go and fuck dixie carter Suck jeff and jerry jarett’s dick and give a blow job to hogan and bischoff

    • Kub

      I wish TNA was good. I really do. But they make it so hard to watch.

    • Jerry Leone

      Where are they going with this Dixie Carter/Immortal storyline…?

      • Save_Us.Y2K

        Where are they going? I have no idea but I bet you it’ll take up 90% of the two hours they have each week.

        • Wrestlehead

          It probably will. And quite frankly it’s the only thing remotely interesting about watching their show. Please don’t tell me you follow the X Division. They don’t even have matches every week and Robbie E is so NOT over as a heel. And the TNA Knockouts? They wrestle the same match every week, fighting backstage, screaming, panting, and pulling each others’ hair. Unless you’re a 13 year old boy discovering pornography for the first time I don’t see the appeal.

      • Irate Fan

        to the unemployment line, that’s where.

    • edison

      TNA has no chance plain and simple….Sting should have came to WWE and had a match with The Undertaker at WRESTLEMANIA 27….Sting is a dumbass for re-signing with TNA.

    • Wrestlehead

      Where are they going with the Immortal Storyline? Nobody knows, not even Dixie Carter or Hulk Hogan. It has taken so many twists and turns it’s not even funny. It’s as if they are throwing everything at the wall and hoping something sticks. The whole business with Mr. Anderson and Kurt Angle made no sense. Anderson was over as a face so making him turn on Kurt is not a good move. Immortal just lost a lot of heel heat by having Hardy job cleanly to Sting. They really really need a good heel but now that Matt Morgan, AJ Styles, Mr. Anderson, and now Sting in the mix, there isn’t really anyone to fight them other than Jeff Hardy, who is back in court now. Matt Hardy? That wouldn’t really be believable to give him a huge push since he’s never really been a world title contender and he just joined the company. Ric Flair? I have nothing against him or Hogan, or the generation that grew up in the 1950’s, but I really don’t enjoy watching them in tights, bleeding like stuck pigs, bodyslamming each other.

      Not sure what their next move is, but they screwed up Sting’s return (which is actually a hard thing to do) by having him get the belt when a lot of other younger more capable wrestlers deserved it (Anderson, RVD, AJ).

      • Wrestlehead

        Possible solutions? I’m not sure. I was just thinking that Jeff Jarrett is the only good heel left and he’s stuck in a feud with Kurt Angle. I’ve never been a fan of the family drama business as a wrestling angle, and Kurt needs to stop teasing us with this retirement business. TNA is insulting our collective intelligence if they expect us to buy that, since if a wrestler legit retires then the company doesn’t bother discussing it. The only exception so far has been Shawn Michaels, who did the classy thing by keeping his word.

        Perhaps they could turn Jay Lethal heel. His big face push went absolutely nowhere after his hilarious feud with Ric Flair (who WAS a great wrestler in his prime, but is so far past his prime that he’s become a parody of himself). Samoa Joe is also being misused really badly and could be a great heel but is stuck in a useless feud with the Pope.

      • Orion

        Great message!

    • i am god


      • wow

        if it sucs why are u on this page

    • Pork Soda

      I have watched Sting since I was a little kid, grew up watching the Monday nite war, saw the death of WCW, the original ECW, and the WWE murder of ECW. Then I noticed on my cable on demand menu a number of years ago this indie wrestleing show called TNA/NWA and saw mostly great wrestling, lots of people enjoy the WWE style of soap opera blended with violence, but TNA was raw for lack of a beter word, and when Spike picked up the show they tried to hold true to that, added the knockouts, and put on a good show. Then came corporate greed which saw the WWE buisness model and wanted to change TNA into something more like Vince’s money pit. Sad but true. I don’t blame Sting for not going to WWE, he didn’t after WCW folded, and he became an Icon without them. So why take the chance of becomeing a doormat for a company that would rather see you go off into the sunset while they repackage old Starcade footage v.s. Rick Flair for $39.99. Then at some PPV have the Great Khali step on your balls while Doink the Clown pisses in your mouth. Keep it real Sting but you may want to loose the red sequins. To TNA try to bring back some of that indie greatness that brought you into the game in the first place.

      • Orion

        Nice one!

        • Wrestlehead

          I agree that the indie greatness that put TNA on the map was what made it unique and unfortunately those days are gone. The hexagonal ring has been replaced by a traditional squared circle and the X Division is being downplayed now as well. This is part of the new direction that Dixie Carter is taking with the company when she brought in Hogan and Flair in her attempts to ‘get TNA over’. So far numbers haven’t been much different then they were before, and she’s probably paying a pretty penny to keep them around. Not that Flair minds, as he’s paying alimony to his 5 ex wives.

          • KenFromNY

            Wrestlehead, I don’t think Dixie Carter knows much of anything… period. She never served a purpose in a wrestling company other than to kill (what started as) a good one. Now it’s just too hard to watch and too similar to Raw.

      • Irate Fan

        Excellent point – I can relate to you 100%!!! LOVED the part about Khali and Doink! Lots of laughs!!!

    • Jerry Leone

      Well one mistake WWE did when the bought WCW was not letting it still continue as WWE, that way you would see wrestlers periodically appear on eachothers show..

      At this point, TNA has no clue whats going on, dont be suprised if one day you see Vince McMahon on the impact zone, holding everybodies faith in the palm of his hands again…..

      • Wrestlehead

        Well the WCW wrestlers who signed with WWE when the buyout happened in 2001 only represented maybe 1/4 of the roster. The result was a watered down version of WCW that began appearing on Raw, so having a separate WCW show was not really possible since many of the original wrestlers either left wrestling, waited out their contracts, or retired. The original magic was gone and it couldn’t be replaced. What Vince did do though was create 2 separate rosters, one for Raw and one for Smackdown, with Raw being the more storyline driven show while Smackdown emphasized wrestling and technical skill.

        I agree though that TNA doesn’t know its head from its ass at this point. You can blame Vince Russo for many of the ridiculous storyline twists and turns I’m sure. Go watch Roddy Piper shoot on Vince on Youtube, it’s well worth watching since it represents a rare moment much like when Vince bought WCW when wrestlers expressed their true feelings about things. Piper was not invited back to TNA afterwards, btw.

    • JoeyJoe

      Total Non Action (TNA) are a bunch of Vince’s rejects that regret leaving WWE they end up going back. I heard Sting, Nash, and Booker were suppose to be “THEY” before Nash and Booker dished them for the best wrestling biz in WWE. Dixie, Bitch-off, and Hogan have no idea what direction TNA is going. If the 3 Amigos dont pay attention what they are doing. Remember when Shane-o-mac came out on WCW (Bitch-off and Hogans 1st downfall) look for HHH to make a appearance on TNA for another hostile take over by non other than…. MR VINCENT KENNEDY McMAHON (damn, i hope this happens)

      • Wrestlehead

        Hey, there are some good wrestlers working for TNA: Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam, Kurt Angle, Jeff Jarrett, Ken Anderson, and AJ Styles. I think only AJ hasn’t worked for Vince at some point and all of them are complete wrestlers. Other guys like Samoa Joe, The Pope, and Jay Lethal have potential but their talents are being wasted. The problem is the writing in the show. Vince Russo has no direction which way to take things and it shows. As Roddy Piper said, if we don’t get rid of Russo he WILL kill wrestling.

        • Irate Fan

          Don’t count out Bischoff & Hogan. This whole nWo ripoff came because of them. If you recall, Bound For Glory changed it all. It went from borderline acceptable to downright predictable and dull. TNA will die sooner or later. It’s one foot in the grave already. In 2009 I enjoyed TNA, but now, I hope it crashes and burns. It’s reprehensible to say the least. You are right about Lethal and Joe – they had their moment in the spotlight before all this nonsense. It seems the homegrown stars (most of them) have been put on the back burner for previously famous stars who had their moment (Hogan, Flair). It’s a re-run of WCW, and if it is a carbon copy, it will result in a death of a company thanks to Bischoff.

          • Wrestlehead

            I agree that Hogan and Bischoff are also part of the problem. I don’t know if the company will bleed millions like WCW did since they are not going head to head with WWE anymore. At least Dixie had enough sense to realize that she won’t get the ratings she wants if she does that. Heck, she’s not getting the ratings she wants on Thursday nights. I really hope that they don’t put Hogan and Flair in the ring again. I have bashed Flair quite a bit but I actually do have a lot of respect for him – other than Hogan he means more to the business than that entire roster put together – but he is at least 15 years past his prime. There is something pathetic about watching him in the ring now, since he really needs the money and let’s face it he’s addicted to the spotlight. Vince gave him probably the biggest sendoff that any wrestler has ever gotten after his ‘retirement’ match in 2008 and what does he do? He comes back yet again. And as for Hogan, I think Scott Steiner said it best when he talked about Hogan’s legacy to the sport when he said ‘I think he’ll be remembered for the old, pathetic, piece of garbage he is now’. Heck, if both of them weren’t senior citizens Dixie probably would have put the belt on them.

    • Wrestlehead

      I don’t know why people are so surprised that Sting did not sign with WWE. He has repeatedly said that he has no interest in working there. He and Vince have an excellent relationship and they have contacted him in the past about working there but he has always said no. The rumour that he had signed with WWE and was going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame was just another internet rumour that got out of control. Sting had no talks whatsoever with Vince or any member of the WWE.

      Plus, I don’t know if Sting vs The Undertaker would live up to the hype it’s getting on these sites. Sting is well past his prime and even he admitted that he can’t put on matches the way he used to, and the Undertaker isn’t much younger than Sting.

    • Wrestlehead

      Some more thoughts on the big broadcast…..

      Sorry if I’m going on about this but I haven’t commented on the state of the squared circle in a good long time.

      Sting’s match with Jeff Hardy was wrong on many different levels. First of all, there was no build up or lead in, other than that obvious commercial, and they really could have milked this for a few months at least, considering Sting has always been over as a face and any ill fated attempts to turn him heel have always come up short. Secondly, even with the wafer thin credibility wrestling has as a legitimate sport, is it really believable that a 52 year old man could soundly beat a 33 year old man in an athletic event, without the aid of his trademark baseball bat? And last of all, this is the sort of match that should have been done on a PPV. Sting’s return could have been made into a much bigger event than it was if they are really looking to put him over (and that is up for debate as well, since his money years are well behind him). It was much like when WCW aired Goldberg vs Hogan on Monday Nitro. They won the ratings war that week but lost for every subsequent week after that. If they had put this on a PPV they might have had a better buy rate.

      And now where do we go from here? There have been many storylines in WCW and TNA where Sting has been made a champion, and then the company lost all its momentum. People want Sting to be the champion but quickly turn on him when he is. Remember Starrcade 1997? He did not hold the belt longer than a few months because the storyline lost all its momentum when he finally took the belt from Hogan. TNA needs a solution really fast.

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