TNA Impact Wrestling Moving Back to Old Time Slot

Posted by Matt Boone May 8, 2013 11 Comments

- TNA President Dixie Carter announced on Twitter that Impact Wrestling would be moving back to its old time-slot of 9PM ET on May 30th. She wrote:

“BIG NEWS! Beginning May 30th, #IMPACTLive moves back to its old time at 9/8C on @SpikeTV! See ya Thursdays at 8/7C until then, though!”

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    • bluebook

      BIG NEWS? TNA should stop calling everything that happens on TNA “BIG NEWS” or calling every announcement a “major announcement.” SPECIALLY when it brings even more attention to the fact that TNA has once again failed their strategy of changing timeslots to try and get more ratings.

      • morrisonfanone

        Could not agree more.

    • deter

      Preach ! I here u they were fine at 8, i fot thangs to watch at nine!

    • jdbyslideher


    • hmw

      who cares

    • morrisonfanone

      How is that big news? They call everything big news.

    • Mikey Batts

      They need to stop poking fun at WCW and start looking at themselves. I
      mean the recent Smackdown taping was horrible, 3 DQ’s in one show.
      They’re starting to look more like WCW every year. Its sad, that company
      at one time had everything and chose to put guys like Cena and Triple H
      over guys who had real talent.

      • morrisonfanone

        Christian needs a huge push when he comes back. He spent so long as Edge’s side kick, people forgot he has talent.

        • Mikey Batts

          Honestly it ain’t gonna happen, they may bring him back, but he most likely end up jobbing to Ryback. Its pathetic.

          • morrisonfanone

            I know. It’s sad how WWE ruins people with actual talent.

    • lol

      The only big news i want to hear from TNA is. HOGAN and Bitchoff are gone, There bringing back the six sided ring. And the X division is back on the scene.

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