TNA Lockdown PPV Results – March 10, 2013

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Lockdown opens with the usual elaborate video package, highlighting the top matches heading into tonight’s “Lockdown” pay-per-view.

We go into the arena and the announcers welcome us to the show. They preview some of the bigger matches on tonight’s card before sending things to the ring.

TNA X-Division Title: Kenny King vs. Zema Ion vs. Christian York

Things get heated up right from the get-go, as Ion nails a sweet suicide dive onto King on the outside of the ring. Ion tried the same York but York countered with a big kick. King attempts to springboard off Ion’s back but Ion leans down, resulting in King landing awkwardly on the guard rail. A bit later, Ion lands a wicked corkscrew dive off the top onto both King and York. The action finally returns to the ring. The pace slows down a bit. The guys work a series of near falls to get the crowd into anticipating a finish. York hits the Mood Swing on Ion for a great nearfall at one point. King goes for the Royal Flush at one point, but York rolls him up instead for a nearfall. However, the finish comes when King again tries the Royal Flush and this time gets it for the 1-2-3 to retain.

Winner: Kenny King

Backstage: Joseph Park, Kazarian & Christopher Daniels

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Joseph Park. Park says the guys played a joke on him, sending him to the Alamo instead of the Alamodome. Kazarian and Christopher Daniels show up and inform Park that Dixie Carter is looking for him. Park runs off to find her while Daniels and Kazarian steal the interview time to complain about being disrespected and boast about how they will win the TNA Tag-Team Titles.

Joseph Park vs. Joey Ryan

Ryan hits Park with a few cheap shots before rubbing some baby oil on himself. Ryan bails to the floor but Park gets him back in the ring. Park is on the offensive now. Park takes Ryan into the corner and hits him with a big chop, but then runs into a big boot. Park is able to shove off a middle rope cross body from Ryan. Ryan avoids a splash in the corner and hits Park with a dropkick to the knee. Ryan rubs some oil off his chest and rubs it into Park’s eyes. After attacking the leg of Park a bit, Ryan again uses the baby oil on his chest to attempt to further blind the big man. Ryan hits a big missile dropkick off the top for a nearfall. Finally, Park gets a handful of Ryan’s chest hair and rips it off. Park now making his big offensive comeback. Park hits a big running splash onto Ryan in the corner. Ryan manages to get one last-ditch effort out there, attempting a sunset flip off the middle rope on Park. However, Park manages to drop down with all his weight instead, pinning Ryan for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Joseph Park

Backstage: Brooke Hogan, Hulk Hogan & Bully Ray

Backstage, Brooke Hogan is with Bully Ray. She says she knows Ray is going to win the TNA Title. Ray said he wants to make her, Hulk Hogan and himself proud. Hulk comes in the room on crutches. Brooke exits the room. Hulk says this is a big night for TNA. Hogan said Jeff Hardy has done a nice job but there’s something special about Ray. He thinks Ray will win tonight and take the company to the next level. Hulk talks about how Andre The Giant gave him some advice before their epic match. He gives the same advice to Bully Ray.

TNA Knockouts Title: Gail Kim vs. Velvet Sky

Sky attempts to roll-up Kim for a quick-pin right off the bat, but Kim reverses it into a roll-up attempt of her own. Neither girl can get the 3-count, however. As the match continues, Sky hits a headscissors and a neckbreaker on Kim for a nearfall. Sky dropkicks Kim out to the floor. Sky comes flying off the apron and crashes onto Kim on the outside. Kim slows Sky down, slamming her back-first into the ring post. Kim sends her back into the ring. Kim hits a big kick on Sky and sends her into the corner. She hits a big splash on her in the corner. Kim begins choking Sky on the middle rope but Taryn breaks things up. Kim gets in Taryn’s face and complains. Sky ends up getting back up. Kim ends up getting slammed down. Later on, Kim manages to hit the Eat Defeat but Sky kicks out at two during the pin attempt. Kim again gets in Taryn’s face. This time she slaps her. Kim yells at Taryn to DQ her. Taryn doesn’t and instead slams Kim down and repeatedly bashes her head into the mat. Kim eventually gets up but turns around into a In Your Face from Sky for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Velvet Sky

Robbie E. vs. Robbie T.

Robbie E. tries begging off as soon as the bell sounds. He clings to the ropes and hopes for mercy. Robbie wants Terry to hear him out and attempts to hug him. The crowd begins chanting “Hug It Out.” Terry eventually shrugs Robbie off. Robbie does some stretching and the match is now underway. Robbie scrambles into the ropes before going for Terry’s leg. Terry picks Robbie up and drops him to the mat with a gut-wrench slam. Robbie tries to use his quickness, but he’s popped up into the air by Terry. Terry misses a splash in the corner, and Robbie tries to punch away at his shoulder, but Terry grabs him around the throat. Robbie breaks free and nails him with some chops before bailing out to the apron. Terry reaches over the ropes and grabs Robbie on the apron and drops his arm across the top rope. Terry brings Robbie back into the ring. Robbie locks in a sleeper hold on Terry. Terry uses his power to stand his feet while still in the hold. Terry stumbles around but can’t get Robbie off of him. Terry begins to fade. Terry gets a second wind and starts fighting back up again. Terry smashes Robbie back-first into the corner to break the hold. Terry slams Robbie down. He nails him with the spinebuster and gets the 1-2-3. Robbie T. wins.

Winner: Robbie T.

Backstage: Austin Aries, Bobby Roode

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Austin Aries. Aries says everyone’s been asking all around where Bobby Roode is and what he will do if Roode isn’t there tonight. Aries says he’s proven that he doesn’t need Roode to get the job done. He says he can defeat all of his opponents by himself, but that won’t be necessary. Roode walks into the picture and asks Aries, “did ya miss me?” The two walk off smiling.

TNA Tag-Team Titles: Austin Aries & Bobby Roode vs. Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez vs. Bad Influence

The bell sounds and Chavo Guerrero and Bobby Roode will start things off for their respective teams. Daniels slaps Roode from behind, tagging himself into the match. Daniels and Chavo lock up and Chavo clamps on a headlock. Chavo pushes off and drops Daniels with a shoulderblock. Daniels returns the favor, dropping Chavo to the mat, but he ends up eating a couple of right hands, and a big back drop from Guerrero. Hernandez tags in and we get a double hip toss on Daniels, and a double back drop on Kaz before they take out the tag champs. Hernandez and Chavo clear the ring until they are the only two left standing. The other guys try to recoup on the outside. Kaz is able to tag in and eats a hip toss from Chavo. Hernandez tags in and splashes Kaz for two. Hernandez misses a running splash in the corner that lets Kaz head to the top for a nice missile dropkick. Kaz mounts Hernandez for a couple of punches before tagging out to Daniels. They take Hernandez down to his knees for a kick from Daniels and an elbow from Kaz. The guys do a spot where Chavo Guerrero’s three amigos series of suplexes continues to get interupted. Daniels tags into the match and drops a knee across Chavo’s throat before tagging out to Kaz again. A slingshot elbow from Kaz leads to another two count. Later on, Aries sends Chavo out of the ring, and Bad Influence is in, not happy with Aries. Things break down as Roode comes in and all four men fight. It ends with Aries and Kaz both hitting cross body blocks. Chavo heads to the top and hits a cross body to Aries and Kaz. Hernandez is in, maybe he tagged, and he takes it to Kaz and Aries, gorilla press slamming Aries, before hitting a double clothesline on Roode and Daniels. Hernandez shoulders Aries, and Chavo helps him shoulder Kaz as well for a double back breaker. Hernandez tries scoring the pin, and likely would have had it, but by the time the ref noticed it and began the count, Aries is able to kick out at two and a half. Chavo tags in and heads to the top. Chavo fights off Kaz, sending him out to the floor. Aries tries for a superplex, but Hernandez grabs him. Aries sends himself and Hernandez to the floor with a hurricanrana. Daniels tries for a superplex on Chavo, but Chavo pushes him off. Chavo goes for the frogsplash. However, Roode tags Chavo’s foot during the move. Roode pins Daniels as Aries throws Chavo out of the ring. 1-2-3. Aries and Roode retain.

Winners: Austin Aries & Bobby Roode

Backstage: Taryn & Gail Kim

After the previous match, we are informed by the announcers that the finish of the Knockouts Title match tonight caused a lot of controversy in the back. We shoot backstage and Jeremy Borash is with Taryn. Taryn explains her decision to stand up for herself. Gail Kim ends up attacking her from behind. Kim goes berzerker mode on Taryn.

Let The Lockdown Begin …

We head back into the arena where the cage finally begins to get lowered and set up for the remaining matches on tonight’s “Lockdown” pay-per-view.

Backstage: Aces & 8’s

Backstage, we see Aces & 8’s hanging out. D’Lo is speaking, thanking Devon, Knox and DOC, Anderson, Wes and Baby Boy for their actions. D’Lo says tonight, Wes and Kurt Angle will be locked in a cage. He tells Wes to go out there and handle club business. D’Lo tells everyone they have to bear down tonight, especially Anderson. He says they need to once again review their plans for Lethal Lockdown.

Backstage: Kurt Angle

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Kurt Angle while the cage is being set up in the arena. Angle says tonight he’s going to make Wes Briscoe famous. He says Briscoe is going up against the best wrestler who ever lived, inside a steel cage where there’s nowhere for him to run and nowhere for him to hide. Angle says D’Lo is next. Angle says Wes is nothing like his dad and tonight he’s gonna get a San Antonio ass-whooping.

Lethal Lockdown: Kurt Angle vs. Wes Brisco

Kurt Angle takes Wes Brisco down immediately. Brisco looks pissed that Angle got him down so easy. Angle takes Brisco down again, this time with a big suplex. Brisco bullies Angle into the corner and slows him down a bit. Brisco tries escaping the cage already but Angle stops him and hits another suplex. Angle misses a big spear in the corner. He lands shoulder-first into the ring post. Brisco is now in control of the offense, beginning his beatdown on Angle inside the cage. Brisco rips Angle’s t-shirt off and chokes him with it. Brisco locks in a rear chin hold on Angle. Angle fights out of it. Angle goes up to the middle rope and nails a missile dropkick on Brisco. Angle hits Brisco with a series of running clotheslines. Angle heads to the top rope and tries for a frog splash, but he misses the target. Wes tries to roll up Angle, but only gets a two count. Angle comes back with an Angle slam, planting Brisco on the mat, and both men are down. Angle gets up, but catches a low blow from Brisco. Angle falls to his knees and Brisco crawls toward the cage door. Angle grabs him by the ankle and drags him back into the middle of the ring. Brisco counters out of it. Brisco heads up to the top of the cage, but he’s pulled down by Angle until they’re both standing on the top rope. Angle launches Wes with a huge belly to back suplex. Angle tries for a shoulderblock, but wipes out the ref. Angle clamps on the ankle lock, and Brisco taps but the ref doesn’t see it. Angle then switches gears and hits another Angle Slam on Brisco. He goes to leave the cage but the ref doesn’t see that either. D’Lo attacks Angle from behind. D’Lo slams Angle into the cage and sends him back into the ring. D’Lo pulls Brisco out of the ring. The ref finally comes-to and sees Brisco outside of the cage. The ref calls for the bell. Brisco wins.

Winner: Wes Brisco

Lethal Lockdown: Team TNA vs. Aces & 8’s

Mr. Anderson and Magnus come out. They will be the first two to start things out in this one. The bell sounds to start things off. Magnus and Anderson talk smack to each other a bit before they start exchanging punches. Anderson sends Magnus into the corner face-first. Magnus recovers and blasts Anderson with a series of big punches and kicks. Magnus lands a flying knee on Anderson. Magnus with a big clothesline on Anderson. Anderson ends up slamming Magnus face-first into the steel cage. Anderson tries hitting him with the Mic Check but Magnus avoids it. Both guys hit a double-clothesline as the clock counts down. Out next is Knux. Knux immediately nails Magnus from behind. Anderson and Knux double-team Magnus for a bit. The two guys stomp away at his fingers as the clock counts down. Samoa Joe is the next man out to join the match. Joe is a ball of fire, hitting running clotheslines on anything that moves while Magnus recovers. Joe and Magnus hit some of their old tag-team spots on Knux. Joe is beating Knux up on one side of the ring while Magnus works over Anderson in the opposite side of the ring. The two team up for a double-elbow spot on Anderson. The clock counts down while Joe and Magnus are still in control. Out next is Garrett Bischoff. Bischoff goes right after Magnus, but things backfire as Joe and Magnus team up and double-team Bischoff for a bit. Anderson and Knux end up getting involved again and now the Aces & 8’s guys are in firm control of the match. The clock counts down and out next is Eric Young. The crowd is super-hot for Young. Young takes his pants off, heads into the cage and is taking out all of the Aces & 8’s guys by himself. Team TNA is now in control of the offense. The clock counts down and out next is Devon. Devon goes to work on Magnus before turning his attention to Young. Devon is working over Young a bit. Team Aces & 8’s are in control for a bit, until Team TNA is revived a bit and now they are coming back. The clock counts down again and this time James Storm comes to the ring. Storm enters the ring and beats down Anderson and Bischoff briefly before hitting his Last Call kick on Knux. Anderson then grabs and rips away at Storm’s face to slow him down. Everyone on both teams are brawling now. There’s bodies everywhere. The final clock countdown hits and DOC is the last man to come out for Aces & 8’s. DOC goes to work on Magnus as soon as he hits the ring. Aces and 8’s are taking full advantage of the last time they’ll be up one-member in this contest. The clock counts down for the final time for Team TNA and the match in general now, as Sting makes his way out. Sting has a trash can full of weapons. Sting comes into the ring with a baseball bat. Sting smashes all of the Aces & 8’s guys with the bat. Sting brings multiple trash cans full of weapons into the ring now. Team TNA divides the weapons amongst each other and began beating the crap out of the Aces & 8’s members with them. As things calm down a bit following the “whack-a-mole” style beatdown with weapons, Joe holds a trash can in front of Bischoff while Sting comes flying in with a Stinger splash into the trash can/Bischoff in the corner. Sting puts the trash can over Anderson’s head and hits an additional Stinger-splash. After a few low blows, Aces & 8’s are now in control again. Some of the Aces & 8’s guys get their hands on some of the scattered weapons in the ring. They all beat down Team TNA in similar fashion to what happened earlier in reverse. Bischoff tries escaping the cage but he’s stopped before he can do so. A big spot is where the guys get stacked up in the corner and Joe winds up powerbombing all of them at once. Joe locks in the STF on Anderson but Knux hits him with a chair to break it up. Sting hits Knux with the Scorpion Death Drop. Young goes to the top rope. Sting, however, tells him to go to the top of the cage. Young does so. Young comes off the top of the cage with a flying elbow drop. Young pins Knux. 1-2-3. Team TNA wins.

Winners: Team TNA

TNA World Title: Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray

Both guys make their way to the ring. Taz and Bully Ray exchange some words. Jeremy Borash does his professional ring introductions. The bell sounds and our World Title match is officially underway. Ray and Hardy have a big staredown and finally lock up to begin our main event. Ray slaps a headlock on Hardy. Hardy escapes. Hardy hits the ropes but runs into a shoulder block from Ray. Ray slams Hardy down for a quick two-count. Ray takes Hardy right into the corner, but tries to catch him with a right. Hardy ducks it and hits a couple of arm drags, and a big splash in the corner. Hardy hits the whisper in the wind out of the corner, which is good for a near fall, but Bully Ray powers out of the pin. Hardy heads up, trying to head out of the cage. Ray catches him by the foot, but Hardy kicks him away and hits a springboard splash. Hardy heads up to the top of the cage and straddles the top. Ray stops him and slams his knee and ankle into the side of the cage before bringing him back into the ring and crotching him on the top rope after a kick to the head. Ray hits a couple of big elbows to Hardy’s head which sets him up for another near fall. Ray stomps away at Hardy before picking him up and slamming him right back down to the mat for another two count. Hardy tries to sneak out of the cage, but Ray catches him and hits him with a couple of nasty clubbing blows to the back. Ray brings Hardy back into the middle of the ring and continues to grind away at Hardy, driving his knee down into Hardy’s back and hitting him with a double ax handle to the small of Hardy’s back. Hardy reaches for the ropes, but Ray keeps him in the middle of the ring. Hardy fights out of the hold, but Ray hits Hardy with a big back drop that sends Hardy crashing to the mat for another near fall. Ray tries for a Vader bomb out of the corner, but misses as Hardy rolls out of the way. Hardy tries for a twist of fate, but Ray reverses it, almost hitting a Bubba bomb. Hardy turns it around and does hit the twist of fate. Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff make their way out and into the cage. They attack Hardy, but Ray hits them with a double clothesline, then gets on his hands and knees for Hardy to hit a poetry in motion on both men. Ray tells Hardy to open the cage door and they throw both men to the outside. Hardy and Ray trade right hands in the middle of the ring, and after an extended sequence, Hardy gets the best of Ray with a flying forearm. Hardy takes Bully down and hits him with the double leg drop to the midsection which sets up Ray for a near fall. Hardy begins the climb to the top of the cage, but he’s stopped by Ray. Ray pulls him down to the top rope, and both men stand on the ropes. Ray hits a chop, and Hardy responds with rights to the head. Hardy kicks at Ray, but Ray catches his foot. Hardy hits a kick and falls to the mat. Ray falls off the top on top of Hardy, and he gets a two count in the process. Hardy hits another twist of fate and heads for the top again, but he’s stopped by Ray. Ray pulls down Hardy and gets him into powerbomb position, hitting a huge sit-out powerbomb from the top turnbuckle for another close nearfall. Hulk Hogan is shown coming to the ring on crutches alongside Brooke Hogan. Hulk walks to the ring and yells at Ray for support. He tells Ray to get up and not stop. More members of Aces & 8’s come out and surround the ring. Some of the members go inside the ring. Ray and Hardy are back-to-back awaiting the Aces & 8’s. Ultimately, Devon pulls a hammer out of his pants and tosses it to Bully Ray. Ray nails Hardy with it. Hogan is shocked, yelping out “NO! NO!” as Ray and Devon celebrate. Ray pins Hardy and gets the 1-2-3. We have a new World Heavyweight Champion.

Winner: Bully Ray

After The Match:

After the match, Ray continues his celebration with Aces & 8’s. Ray orders the ref to raise his hand. Ray yells at Brooke and says she’s nothing to him. He calls Hulk an old man and a piece of crap. He dares Hulk to do something. Hulk calls Bully a dead man. Bully Ray gets on the mic. He tells Devon to “let that stupid bitch cry.” He tells Hulk that he used him. He tells Brooke he screwed her. Hulk and Brooke are livid. Fans begin filling the ring with trash. Ray says he fooled every single one of the fans. The music starts playing and Taz says Aces & 8’s hold all the cards. Ray announces that he’s the president of the Aces & 8’s and that he’s the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. The show ends as more trash fills the ring.

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