TNA Lockdown PPV Results – March 9, 2014

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Backstage: Team Dixie Argues

Backstage, we see Team Dixie arguing. Bobby Roode says he’s the captain of the team so what he says goes. Roode walks off as the rest of the guys bicker a little bit more.

Ethan Carter III vs. Bobby Lashley

We see highlights of Ethan Carter III injuring Kurt Angle on Impact. EC3 then makes his way to the ring. His music fades and he jumps on the mic.

EC3 talks about having a dream. He says when he was a young wrestler he always wanted to face the best. He talks about Kurt Angle winning an Olympic gold medal and being the only person to do that and then transition into pro wrestling. He calls Angle one of the best wrestlers of all time. He says he also happens to be one of the best wrestlers of all time. The fans chant “you can’t wrestle” at EC3. He says “I disagree.” He says he’s very good.

EC3 says he’s issuing an open challenge to anyone on the TNA roster. EC3 tells the fans not to try and hijack “this show.” Some music hits and out comes Bobby Lashley. Lashley comes out and will be the man to face EC3 in his open challenge. EC3 complains as Lashley makes his way to the ring, claiming that Lashley isn’t on the TNA roster. The fans chant “Bobby, Bobby.”

EC3 tries to take a cheap shot but Lashley ducks it, scoops him up and hits a running powerslam. Lashley spears EC3 when he gets up. EC3 runs out of the cage. Lashley’s music plays. I guess that means Lashley wins? I don’t know.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Manik vs. Tigre Uno

After a quick backstage promo by Magnus, we shoot back live into the arena and Manik makes his way down to the ring. Out next is his opponent for tonight, Tigre Uno. Mike Tenay points out that this is Tigre Uno’s TNA debut, and puts him over as one of the biggest risk-takers in the game today.

The bell rings and the two masked wrestlers lock up. Tenay puts over Tigre as one of the premiere stars from the AAA promotion in Mexico, and notes that he was trained by Rey Mysterio, the uncle of Rey Mysterio Jr. Meanwhile, these two are flipping and flying all over the place. The crowd claps as a sign of respect for these two little guys providing some great, fast-paced action.

Manik does a headstand in the corner and then transitions into a huricanrana on Tigre. Both guys fight on the top rope, with Tigre smashing Manik’s face into the cage to knock him down to the mat. Tigre slpashes onto Manik off the ropes. Manik dropkicks Tigre while he was on the top rope, which accidentally knocks the cage door open. Both guys are down. Tigre misses a big move and ends up smashing himself into the cage.

Manik hits Tigre with a big suplex and rolls through, ala Eddie Guerrero, and hits him with another one. Manik goes for the pin but Tigre kicks out at two. Taz points out that this match must end via pinfall or submission. Manik locks Tigre in a surfboard submission hold. Manik eventually escapes, but is blasted by a flying spin-kick from Tigre.

Both guys go to the top rope. Manik knocks Tigre down and then hits him with a big missile dropkick. Manik hits a sit-out power bomb for a near fall. Tigre goes for a cradle suplex, dropping Manik right on the top of his head. Tigre hits what Tenay calls a sabertooth splash. 1-2-3. Tigre Uno wins.

Winner: Tigre Uno

James Storm vs. Gunner

We see a video package highlighting the history of the James Storm and Gunner feud. Their one-on-one Last Man Standing match is up next. After the video package, we shoot back live into the arena and Jeremy Borash introduces James Storm. Storm makes his way to the ring. Out next is his opponent, Gunner.

As soon as Gunner comes out, Storm attacks him on the stage. They battle down to ringside and are going at it outside the ring. Both guys continue fighting outside the ring as the ref tries to get them to take the battle into the ring. Gunner throws Storm shoulder-first into the steel ring steps. A “let’s go Gunner” chant breaks out as Gunner throws a couple of steel chairs into the ring. Storm turns the tide and slams Gunner into the steel steps. Storm slams the cage door into Gunner’s face.

Storm and Gunner finally enter the ring. The bell sounds to make this one official. The referee begins his ten count on Gunner, but Gunner manages to get up. Storm wedges a chair in the corner of the ring. Gunner blasts Storm with a big clothesline. Storm hits a jumping DDT on Gunner off the middle rope. Storm tells the referee to count. Storm interupts the count by choking Gunner with the tag-rope from the corner.

Storm continues to dominate Gunner. Storm starts slamming Gunner’s head into the turnbuckle. They start to have no effect, as Gunner no-sells them and then slams his own head into the turnbuckle repeatedly as he fires up the intensity and starts beating up Storm. Gunner nails Storm with a big piece of steel, which Tenay describes as a part of the steel steps. The referee begins his count on Storm but Storm is able to get back to his feet.

Gunner keeps punching Storm and yelling at him to “stay down.” Storm ends up reversing a Gunner move attempt and rams him head-first into the steel chair that was wedged in the corner of the ring earlier on. The referee begins his count on Gunner after that. Gunner barely makes it to his feet, standing up at the count of nine. Storm smashes a steel chair over the head of Gunner. The referee does another count, and again Gunner barely makes it back to his feet.

Gunner hits the ropes and then turns Storm inside-out with a huge spear. The referee begins his count on Storm now. A loud “this is awesome” chant breaks out as Storm slowly makes it back to his feet. Storm reaches for a chair but Gunner stands on his hand to stop him. Gunner slams Storm down back-first onto the chair. Gunner goes to the top rope. He comes flying off but on his way down Storm hits him with a chair. We see some replays of that. Gunner manages to make it back to his feet by the count of nine.

Storm slams a chair across the back of Gunner to knock him back down. Storm unfolds a chair and sets it up. He does the same with another, so now two chairs are set up side-by-side. Both guys climb to the top rope. Each guy takes a turn smashing the others head into the cage. Gunner gets the better of the exchange and starts blasting Storm with headbutts. Gunner hits a top-rope superplex on Storm, and Storm’s back crashes through the two chairs that were previously set up. That was insane. Both guys are down and the referee begins his count. We get the Rocky II finish as Gunner barely makes it to his feet by the count of ten. Since Storm was still down when he made it back up, Gunner gets the win.

Winner: Gunner

TNA Knockouts Championship
Madison Rayne (c) vs. Gail Kim

The video package documenting the history of the Gail Kim and Madison Rayne feud airs. Our TNA Knockouts Championship match is up next. Mike Tenay runs down the tale of the tape to hype up the first of two title matches here at TNA Lockdown. Jeremy Borash does his introductions. Out first is Gail Kim. Kim is accompanied by Lei’D Tapa. After that, the TNA Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne makes her way to the ring.

The bell rings and Gail Kim immediately tries to escape the cage. Rayne yanks her down and goes to work on her. Kim quickly turns the tide and is now in control of the offense here in the early goings of this Knockouts Championship contest. Both girls climb the cage. Madison gets her legs wrapped around Kim’s head, who is underneath her, and humps the cage, slamming her face-first into the cage repeatedly. Kim crashes down to the canvas as a result.

The ladies trade shots, with Kim getting the better of it. Kim slams Madison into the cage and then chokes her with her boot on the mat as LeiD Tapa yells at her from outside the cage. Madison tries fighting back with punches but Kim knocks her down with a big kick. Kim throws Madison into the corner and hits a big Sting-like splash on her. Kim nails Madison with a back-breaker across her knee and then leaves her draped across her knee so she can stretch her back out some more.

Kim charges Madison in the corner, but Madison moves and Kim flies through the ropes and crashes into the cage. Some replays are shown of that spot as Madison starts getting in some offense for the first time since the beginning of the match. Madison drops Kim with a big kick to the back of the head. We see Lei’D Tapa shouting words of encouragement to Kim as Madison continues her attack. Madison misses a move on Kim and smashes into the cage as a result. Kim climbs to the top rope. Madison goes up after her. Kim grabs Madison and jumps off with a big neckbreaker type move. Both girls crash down the mat hard. That was pretty crazy.

Kim tries to pin Madison after that spot, but the champion manages to get her shoulder up at two. Both girls climb to the top rope again. Madison knocks Kim off and Kim gets choked on the top rope on the way down. Madison comes off the top rope with a big spear on Kim. Madison covers Kim. 1-2-3. Madison gets the pin and retains her title.

Winner and STILL TNA Knockouts Champion: Madison Rayne

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