TNA Lockdown PPV Results – March 9, 2014

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Magnus (c) vs. Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe cuts a promo backstage. He runs down the history of their relationship and talks about how he helped bring Magnus into the fold and establish him as a top star in pro wrestling. Samoa Joe says he’s going to teach Magnus a lesson tonight. After that, a video package airs to further document the history between Samoa Joe and Magnus. After the video package wraps up, Samoa Joe’s music hits. Joe makes his way to the ring to a big pop. On commentary, Mike Tenay points out that this is a Joe’s rules match, meaning it can only end via knockout or submission. After Joe finishes his entrance, the reigning TNA World Heavyweight Champion Magnus makes his way out to a round of boo’s from the fans in Miami.

After both guys make their entrances, Jeremy Borash does the formal introductions for this World Championship contest. The fans are already passionately chanting for Samoa Joe. The referee holds the belt up to show everyone what these two are fighting for and then the bell rings to make this match official. The “Joe’s gonna kill you” chants break out as each guy circles the other. The chants get to Magnus so he plays to the crowd a bit as Joe sits back and waits to get this one underway. Joe blasts Magnus with some leg kicks early on. Magnus seems tentative to engage with Joe, but then finally nails him with some boots to the gut and takes him down to the mat with a headlock takedown.

Both guys work their way back to their feet and Joe starts going to work on the arm of the champ. The fans break out in a “Joe, Joe, Joe” chant as the Samoan submission machine continues to soften up the arm and shoulder area of the champion. Magnus fights back with some punches and kicks and takes Joe back to the mat with a headlock. Joe fights back and starts blasting Magnus with chops. Joe gets Magnus in the corner and knocks him on his ass. While seated, Magnus receives some more chops from Joe in the corner. Joe starts stomping away at Magnus in the corner over and over again. Back on their feet, Joe fires away at Magnus with punches and then hits him with an inverted atomic drop.

Magnus fights back and gets control of Joe. Magnus works over Joe in the corner as the fans get on the champ’s case with chants once again. Joe reverses the momentum and slams Magnus face-first into the steel cage. He does the same on the other side of the ring/cage. Now Joe grabs Magnus by the back of his head and repeatedly smashes him face-first into the cage. Joe runs and launches himself into Magnus, smashing Magnus’ body into the cage hard. The announcers point out that Magnus is now busted open as a result of Joe slamming his face into the cage. Joe punches away at Magnus to open the cut even further. Now Joe starts biting at Magnus’ face to split the cut open even wider.

Joe snapmares Magnus down and then chops him in the back of the head. Joe drops a big knee on the champ and is now working over Magnus on the ground. Joe headbutts Magnus repeatedly. Magnus turns the tide on Joe and hits him with a big running knee. Magnus follows that up by slamming Joe face-first into the steel cage. Now Joe is split open. Joe and Magnus are both bleeding now.

Magnus locks Joe in a figure four leg lock on the ground. The blood streams down Joe’s face as the fans chant “let’s go Joe,” trying to encourage him to fight out of the submission hold that he is stuck in. Joe manages to turn over, and now the figure four leg lock is working against the champ. The hold is broken and now both guys get back to their feet. Magnus takes Joe down with a drop toehold and locks him in a camel clutch submission hold. Taz puts over The Iron Sheik as Magnus wrenches back harder on the camel clutch. Joe powers out of the hold eventually. Magnus locks Joe in a sleeper hold, but Joe suplexes his way out of it. Both guys are down now as the referee begins his double-count.

Both guys make it back to their feet. They exchange punches. The fans chant “yes” everytime Joe lands one, and “boo” everytime Magnus connects. Joe hits a back splash on Magnus and the crowd is coming alive in Miami. “Joe, Joe, Joe” chants break out as Joe catches the champ coming off the ropes with a big powerslam. Joe transitions that directly into a cross armbreaker, ala Alberto Del Rio. The blood is streaming down both guys faces as Magnus finally fights his way out of the submission attempt by the challenger.

Joe sets Magnus on the top rope. Tenay says Joe is setting Magnus up for the Muscle Buster. Magnus kicks away at Joe from the top rope. He drops him with a big kick and then comes off the top rope with a flying elbow drop. Both guys get back to their feet and now Joe is firing up on offense. Joe starts open-hand smacking Magnus in the face all the way across the ring.

Joe puts Magnus on the top rope again. Joe blasts Magnus with a huge Muscle Buster. Joe follows that up by locking Magnus in his rear-naked choke. He’s got him locked in the submission hold in the center of the ring. Out of nowhere, we see a hand break through the canvas from under the ring. The hand grabs Joe and pulls him down into the ring. Joe disappears from view now as a “holy sh*t” chant breaks out. Magnus slowly crawls over to the hole in the ring with a confused look on his face. We see an arm pop up in the hole in the ring. Joe climbs out of the hole with a vicious, enraged look on his face.

Joe slowly walks over to Magnus in Frankenstein style. Magnus looks shocked and scared. Joe grabs Magnus by the throat with one hand. Joe turns around and we see Abyss standing in the ring with a barbed wire baseball bat. Abyss blasts Joe with the bat, or Janice, I should say. Abyss nails Joe with his Blackhole Slam finisher. Now Abyss turns his attention to the champ. The fans chant “you sold out” as Magnus begins to smile. Abyss shakes his head in approval at Magnus. Magnus walks over and locks Joe in his own rear-naked choke. Tenay points out that Magnus is trying to beat Joe with his own move, in his own Joe’s rules match. The fans chant “Joe, Joe, Joe” but eventually Joe is choked unconscious. The referee calls for the bell and this one is over.

Winner and STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Magnus

Backstage: Dixie Carter, Mystery Phone Call & Bobby Roode

Backstage, we see Dixie Carter on the phone with someone. She makes sure that whoever she’s talking to understands when exactly she wants them to come in. Bobby Roode walks in and he and Dixie argue and bicker back-and-forth a bit. They each tell the other not to screw this up. Roode tells Dixie he’ll see her in the ring and then walks off.

Lethal Lockdown
Team MVP vs. Team Dixie

The video package airs documenting the build up to this match, which will serve as the main event for tonight’s TNA Lockdown pay-per-view. After the video package, Jeremy Borash does the formal introductions and explains the rules of a Lethal Lockdown match. After that, he introduces the first participant of Team Dixie. Out comes Austin Aries. Borash then introduces participant number one for Team MVP, which is MVP himself. MVP, the hometown boy from Miami, comes out in a Miami Hurricanes jersey.

After all of the introductions and ring entrances, the bell rings to make our pay-per-view main event official. The fans immediately break out in a “MVP” chant as MVP gets in Aries’ face. Each guy points their finger in the other’s face and then Aries cheap shots MVP. MVP fights back with some punches and then floors Aries with a big boot to the face. MVP misses a big boot to the face in the corner, and now Aries takes control of the offense. Aries goes to work on MVP in the center of the ring and then taunts the fans in Miami.

Aries misses a spot off the top rope and MVP capitalizes with a big suplex. MVP plays to his hometown fans, but in doing so, Aries manages to regain control of the offense. Aries hits a running dropkick to the face of MVP in the corner. Aries misses a follow up attempt and now MVP goes back to work on Aries. The fans break out into another “MVP” chant. MVP blasts Aries with some elbows to the face on the ground, MMA style. Aries escapes an armbar attempt by MVP on the ground and then dropkicks him in the face.

The countdown clock appears and now Team Dixie is about to get control with the two-on-one advantage. Robbie E. comes out as the next member of Team Dixie. MVP is now in a one-on-two situation, with Aries and Robbie E. eventually using the numbers game to their advantage to take control of the offense. Both guys go to work on the hometown boy. The countdown clock appears again and it’s time to find out who’s coming out next for Team MVP.

Out next is Eddie Edwards. The Wolves team member enters the cage and is exploding with offense to help MVP get back into the match. Now that things are evened up, two-on-two, the babyfaces are back in control. Edwards blasts Aries with a bunch of chops and then turns him inside-out with a big clothesline. Edwards is flying all over the place. MVP goes to work on Aries in the corner as Edwards beats up Robbie E. on the other side of the ring. The fans break out into an “Eddie Edwards” chant as he continues to hit some high-risk, fast-paced offense on the Bro Mans team member.

The countdown clock appears again and now Team Dixie will go back to a numbers-game advantage. The other member of the Bro Mans, Jesse Godderz, joins his Team Dixie members in the ring. The 3-on-2 advantage comes into play immediately as Team Dixie takes over control of the offense. The Bro Mans hit some double-team spots on Edwards while Aries works over MVP in the corner of the ring. Team Dixie is in firm control of the match at this point, easily having their way with MVP and Eddie Edwards.

After a few minutes with a 3-on-2 advantage, the countdown clock appears again. Out next, representing Team MVP, is Davey Richards. The other member of The Wolves makes his way to the ring, with his shoulder still heavily taped up to sell the injuries he suffered at the latest edition of Impact Wrestling. With the numbers game back even with it being 3-on-3 again, Team MVP is regaining control of the match. “F ’em up Davey, F’em up” chants break out, only the fans in Miami didn’t censor themselves the way I just did. The Wolves are flying all over the place, hitting a bunch of crazy double-team moves on The Bro Mans. Meanwhile, MVP is beating up Aries in the corner of the ring.

Out next, following the countdown clock winding down, is the captain of Team Dixie, Bobby Roode. Roode enters the cage and now the heels are back in a numbers game advantage, as they are four members in for Team Dixie and only three for Team MVP. Roode and MVP exchange punches in the center of the ring, with Roode eventually getting the better of things. Roode hits MVP with a big spinebuster and now Team Dixie is taking over control of the match once again. Roode, as the freshest competitor in the match, is helping Team Dixie dominate all three members of Team MVP with relative ease.

Even though we were told that no one else was left in the match, the countdown clock appears again. When it reaches out, Willow’s titan tron video and theme music plays. The lights go out. When they come back on, Willow is standing on the top of the cage. He comes flying off with a big splash. Borash announces that the Lethal Lockdown portion of this match begins. The cage top lowers with the weapons. Mike Tenay points out that from this point on, there must be a pinfall or submission to officially end this match.

Dixie Carter ends up coming out. She wants to introduce us to the special referee for the rest of the match, and her insurance policy. Out comes Bully Ray. The members of Team MVP look shocked as Bully Ray slowly makes his way to the ring. Ray finally enters the cage and now the action resumes between Team Dixie and Team MVP. It’s four-on-four, with Bobby Roode, Austin Aries and The Bro Mans representing Team Dixie, and MVP, Willow and The Wolves representing Team MVP. Bully Ray is in as Dixie’s “insurance policy.” Let the Lethal Lockdown begin!

The weapons immediately come into play, as almost everyone has a weapon of some kind. We see a close up of Richards stuck in a cross-face by Roode. Ray gets in his face and asks him if he wants to give up. All of the members of Team Dixie have all of the members of Team MVP in headlocks, leaving only Richards stuck in the cross-face by Roode. Eventually the Team MVP members break free and help Richards. MVP hits his “Ballin'” spot on Aries. Team Dixie starts to regain control of the offense, as the four of them dominate the four members of Team MVP. The Wolves start fighting back, and now they hit a bunch of double-team moves to give Team MVP the offensive control once again.

The Wolves stuff Aries in a trash can and each go to the top rope on opposite sides of the ring. They both fly off the top, doing a coast-to-coast spot on Aries in the trash can. The fans break out in a “this is awesome” chant. Richards sits Aries on a set-up chair and starts kicking the crap out of him while he’s sitting there. Richards hits Aries with a suplex on the open chair. The pin attempt is broken up, however. We see Dixie Carter and Rockstar Spud looking on from the top of the stage. Willow hits a Twist Of Fate on one of the members of The Bro Mans. Willow hits the Swanton off the top. He goes for the pin but it’s broken up. The announcers are getting on Bully Ray’s case for only counting to two on the pin attempt, but it was legitimately broken up by a member of Team Dixie.

Roode sets up a table in the ring. Roode goes to put someone through the table, but Bully Ray stands in front of him and refuses to move. Roode flips out. Ray ends up hitting Roode with his finisher. Dixie and Rockstar Spud are shown flipping out at the top of the stage. MVP hits his big kick on Roode. Ray counts the pin. 1-2-3. Team MVP wins.

Winners: Team MVP

After The Match

Bully Ray raises the hand of MVP. We see Dixie Carter and Rockstar Spud freaking out at the top of the stage as Bully Ray and the members of Team MVP celebrate their victory in the ring. Mike Tenay and Taz on commentary put over Dixie’s “insurance policy” turning on her. Team MVP goes up to the top of the stage and mock Dixie Carter to her face. Dixie and Rockstar come to the ring, where Bully Ray is still standing. Dixie shrieks and yells at Ray as Ray simply stands there. Taz again calls it “the ultimate double-cross” by Bully Ray. The music cuts off. Bully Ray powerbombs Bobby Roode through the table. Ray poses to the fans in Miami as his music plays. There’s bodies laying everywhere in the ring, Dixie and Rockstar Spud are freaking out, and Bully Ray stands tall in the ring. TNA Lockdown goes off the air on that note.