TNA Makes YouTube Announcement Regarding August 1st Teaser Video

Posted by Matt Boone July 29, 2013 3 Comments

- TNA announced they will reveal a hint as to who is behind the “#August1Warning” teaser once the video on their YouTube channel reaches 250,000 views.

“Do you have a guess who is behind #August1Warning?”

“@August1Warning promises a clue at 250,000 YouTube views.”

The video has received just over 135,000 views as of this writing.

Here is the video:

  • Jake

    It’s obviously Bob Holly. You can tell by the outline.

    • 123

      There’s alot of bald wrestlers.

      • Jake

        I’m not only talking about the baldness. I’m talking about the overall shape. Besides, he wrestled at Hardcore Justice 2.

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