TNA Official Interested In MVP, More on Pay Issues and Recent Departures

Posted by Matt Boone July 4, 2013 4 Comments

- Madison Rayne, who had her TNA contract expire this week, has been tweeting about how she will be back in the future, likely after she gives birth some time.

– As noted on Wednesday, Taeler Hendrix tweeted that she asked to be released from her contract. Apparently this is true as she was offered the same deal she had been under but turned it down and let it expire. The other talents named were indeed released.

– Regarding reports of talents being paid late, apparently it’s office workers also and not just TNA wrestlers. A source says it would “surprise you greatly” at some of the talents who are being paid late.

– TNA’s Bruce Prichard has been making a play for former WWE star MVP to come in. If he does sign, he won’t be able to use the MVP name. MVP has been trying to pitch a reality show on prison life and being in TNA could open doors to Spike TV for the project.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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    • The Troll Hunter

      It’s not a problem, MVP could just use his old TNA name before he went to wwe. The name he used when Monty Brown got that win over him. MVP improved a lot in japan & I can see him pairing up with Rampage or even bringing in shelton benjamin to start up that black dynamite tag team they were doing in japan. But, it sucks that Taeler Hendrix decided to bounce. She was getting treated like sarita anyways; she should’ve been given more of a chance. It makes me really doubt that Lufisto, Shanna, Athena or Nikki Storm might have a chance of being brought into TNA.

    • tony

      MVP should return to WWE, not that crappy Indy promotion with TV show

    • Hogan Wrecking Comps

      Yah, I really don’t care about the MVP news, they won’t have the money to pay him long anyway. Sting and Angle, come on guys, time to finish up your little pickup game and get back to the real game. Go get your last big matches and story’s and your HoF rings. Seriously enough is enough. Gotta give it up for Rayne, she improved her charecter a ton since joining TNA. That being said, would like to see her get a shot in wwe when she gets back, she is a great heel, and what she lacks in wrestling she makes up for in heel persona.

    • ariel

      I feel the same way @ Hogan wrestling comps .. TNA wont be able to afford to pay MVP
      they are paying all the talent high tier and low tier late so they definitely wont be able to afford someone new who was doing well when they were on WWE
      I just went to a show in January in Albany New York and I thought it was good but since then they are releasing so much talent im shocked they don’t have roster.

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