TNA Personality Denies Writing Harsh Message To Fan

Posted by Brad Davis March 1, 2011 7 Comments

A fan from the United Kingdom is claiming that TNA Wrestling personality Jeremy Borash sent a harsh private message to him yesterday on Twitter after responding to a public tweet he sent out.

Hyping a TNA Wrestling promotional event in the UK, Borash wrote yesterday morning, “United Kingdom TNA fans … HUGE news coming in the next 24hrs. Stay tuned.”

The fan, Ian Gregory, replied minutes later, “hope your put the UK fans out of their misery and take this **** off the air over here @TNADixie.”

Approximately an hour later, Gregory received a private message from Borash’s account that read “I hope your whole family dies.”

The message upset Gregory because his parents are already dead.

A video was posted on YouTube to apparently prove that it is not a Photoshop job:

Borash addressed the situation this morning on Twitter, denying the accusations.

“For the record, the many of you that know me online know I would never wish harm on anyone or anyone’s family,” he wrote. “Twitter has been contacted.”

Independent women’s wrestler Lizzy Valentine (who has worked for TNA in the past), a friend of Gregory, doesn’t believe Borash. She relayed his accusations on her Facebook and Twitter accounts and said he wouldn’t lie.

“No he’s not a liar, he’s one of my best buds!” she wrote. “Borash denying it isn’t proof of anything.”

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    • Random guy

      Don’t know anything about Twitter, but if this is true, BUSTED. I guess working for TNA is starting to get to the guy. Probably scared to death that he might be out of a job at some point.

    • Hollow Bonez

      Why even take the time out to reply to the kid? I mean, who doesn’t trash TNA these days anyway?

    • ED

      I’m not a fan of TNA by any means, but I have to side with Borash on this one. We all know about the Hardy bros’ missteps using twitter and other forms of internet communication to air out their gripes (grapes?) only to suffer serious and irrepairable damage to their reputations…but Borash is not an imbecile and knows fully well that such a statement would be instant headlines in the pro wrestling world…more bad press for the already-dying TNA. Not to mention, the internet has been full of irate fans bashing TNA ever since Hogan/Bischoff came in…why would this one particular comment be the one that sent Borash off on a tirade? Who knows…maybe it’s just NA trying to keep their name in the news because of the HOT streak that WWE is on right now.

    • Save_Us.Y2K

      If it’s a certified account….then the dudes busted and should be fired. This whole “My account got hacked!” crap is a joke that celebs use when there’s a backlash.

      • Random guy

        Agreed. He’s only saying his account got hacked because he got caught.

    • Thirlwell

      Borash probably made the comment out of disgust for the dumb kid and is only claiming hack to save his job. But really, who cares if Borash made the comment. The kid wants his moment of fame is all. The message didn’t upset Gregory or he wouldn’t be smearing the issue all over the internet for popularity. Look, people can be assholes, grow a sack and get over it. Mr Gregory is obviously a tool for whining about TNA so much yet following Borash on Twitter. Lame, I hope all his bread molds.

    • sumguy

      y would anyone make sum up? doubt this guy made it up. wow. really JB? really?

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