TNA Pulling Impact Wrestling Tapings Off The Road, Moving To Orlando Or Vegas?

Posted by Matt Boone September 16, 2013 8 Comments

In an attempt to continue cost-cutting across the board, TNA is considering pulling Impact Wrestling television tapings off the road and returning it to a single location.

Multiple sources claim that TNA will house Impact Wrestling in either Orlando or Las Vegas, with the move expected as early as the beginning of 2014.


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    • ace hater

      bye bye tna

    • TheMachineX2

      fans have Hogan,and Sting fatigue. They screwed up Suicide changed his name to Manik and showed everyone his face, disassembled Aces and Eights lost DOC, Devon, and Mr. Anderson. Stupid . Chaos and no direction just like final days of WCW. Fire Hogan he’s beat already.

      • Mark Markington

        Exactly! Since he took the reigns, he’s tried to make TNA another WCW. I started watching TNA because of the 6-sided ring, and awesome matches thanks to the X-Division. Now it’s taken a back seat to two-three decade old stars that are nowhere near their prime anymore.

    • cradleshock

      I see the WWE sheep back at it again. Fucktards. TNA has made some mistakes yes. But not as much as WWE has made in the past week. And I’m getting real sick of people saying their wrestling fans when all they watch is WWE. NEWSFLASH! Your not a wrestling fan, your a WWE fan. Grow up or shut up!

      • Mark Markington

        Hey that’s not really necessary this “TNA vs WWE” thing. A wrestling fan can have their favorite promotion, and just because they prefer a particular one doesn’t make them any less of a wrestling fan. That self-titled term has many levels. I can love & watch just WWE and be a fan just as you can watch ROH, NJPW, AJPW, FCW, TNA, etc. but would be considered “more” of a fan.

    • Bray Wyatt

      one step closer to dying. i use to love tna but now i find wwe episodes of main event more exciting. they need to ditch the sorry ass storylines and get back to having good matches and ditch the wrestling dinosaurs hogan and sting.

    • TheMachineX2

      Hey Yo,…. cradleshock I don’t watch WWE I prefer TNA, but the truth is the truth. Hogan and Sting need to go their bring the company down FAST, I’m tired of seeing them or a big chunk of the show having the spotlight on them .

    • Cashern Pomida

      TNA sucks!wwe rules!

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