TNA Reveals New Cryptic Video Message for August 1st

Posted by Matt Boone July 27, 2013 12 Comments

- TNA has uploaded a cryptic video to their YouTube page with the following caption and video:

“Earlier today, Impact Wrestling received the following video via messenger. The envelope was marked with #August1Warning and the subject matter of the video deals with this Thursday’s Impact Wrestling Live Spike TV event in Wichita Falls, TX. We do not endorse its content but have been advised to present it “as is”. We will have more information on this story as it becomes available.”

  • Undertaker316

    i think its hardcore holly

  • qq


  • Jackie Priest

    Let me guess another old mma fighter or the return of Vince Russo… WARNING!

  • Kyle Verge

    shelton benjamin

  • Kurt Angle

    It sounds like scott halls normal conversation voice……. WITH A BROKEN FREAKIN NECK!

  • Jason Setley

    I think its brooke hogans real husband, Hogan is currently engaged to Dallas Cowboys Center Phil Costa

  • Wrestling Jesus

    Looks bald. Imagine if it was Goldberg.

  • ya boy

    its definitely low ki

  • Bye

    Sounds like something I won’t watch.

  • ZED87

    Come on guys. You really don’t know who that is? The person joining Impact Wrestling on August 1st is……………. Nick Hogan. Hogan family will be completed and TNA can die in peace.

    • ZED87

      On a serious note, it could be Bob Holly/ (though I do not want him here at this point) Better be some one new or any TNA original returning (Senshi / Low Ki maybe).

  • DungeonMaster Alpha

    Batista. He had a problem with AJ Styles before, so…

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