TNA Scaling Way Back on Number of Annual Pay-Per-View Events

Posted by Matt Boone January 11, 2013 5 Comments

As noted earlier, TNA was planning to reduce the amount of pay-per-view events down from their usual 12 live broadcasts a year. TNA has decided to cut their 2013 pay-per-view schedule even more then we had originally reported.

Headed into 2013, TNA will only produce four live pay-per-view events for the entire year according to a press release that was sent out earlier today. Those events include:

* Genesis on January 13, 2013
* Lockdown on March 10th, 2013
* Slammiversary on June 9th, 2013
* Bound for Glory on October 13th, 2013

The remaining months, the company will produce taped pay-per-views that will be titled under the “TNA: One Night Only” banner, airing on the first Friday evening of the month before and replaying over the remainder of the. Those shows will remain three hours.

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    • wmdwfprez

      The first sign of the company going under. Goodbye tna… you had a good chance of being a giant killer of a wrestling organization but you brought in hogan, bischoff and russo. The true tna of six sided rings and actually wrestling matches with championship belts that don’t look like drag queens will be sorely missed. The product you have now will not be missed. Just don’t take down OVW with you. They actually have a good product.

      • Unknown

        How are they going under? The rating isnt a sign of bankrupcy and they have regular show booking for local towns across the GLOBE. This leaves more time to build up the PPV. Seriously go and watch WWE

      • Kage

        You have no idea what you’re talking about.

        The TNA product has improved drastically since Russo’s departure; which is something that may have never happened if Hogan and Bischoff hadn’t arrived. It may have taken a few years, buy they have actually made TNA better (as much as smarks don’t want to admit it) and have also managed to rein-in Dixie’s incompetence. Is it perfect? No way, but what wrestling show is?

        This latest PPV news is another step in the right direction. PPV’s are a big waste of TNA’s money, plus only having four yearly will make them seem like a bigger deal. I wish WWE would do something similar (for once).

    • Mr. Wrestling #23

      GREAT MOVE BY TNA!!! Bring the big match feel back. I hope WWE copies that.

    • Jahleel Speed

      This was a great idea, the best idea TNA had in a LONG time. My only gripe is that they canned Destination X and Hard Justice instead of Genesis. Those two events had actual concepts, Genesis has absolutely nothing.

      Anyway,now all they need to do (IMO) is retire the Knockouts Tag-Team Title, put more focus on the X-Division and the Knockouts Division, get some better storylines (and maybe bring back the six-sided ring) and it’ll will be like the “Cross the Line” era all over again.

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