TNA Sends Eric Bischoff Home, Bischoff Reportedly Finished With The Company

Posted by Matt Boone October 29, 2013 5 Comments

Dave Meltzer revealed on the latest edition of his Wrestling Observer Radio show that Eric Bischoff was sent home by TNA, and will be paid the remainder of his contract, which expires in early 2014, to stay home. Meltzer went on to note that Bischoff is now “out of power” and is “gone.”

According to Meltzer’s story, Bischoff was not very well liked in TNA, so many were apparently happy to hear that he was sent home and will no longer have say in the direction of the company.

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    • Real Kurt Angle

      And the fans go wild! Oh, its true!

    • Ecco

      Hogan and Bischoff gone? I’m curious what finally made the Carter’s kick them out after years of buying their snake oil. And holy cow, Meltzer tore Bischoff a new one in his cast!

    • stiffler

      Good riddance, he was on way to burying another wrestling company.

      • its all relative

        Oh dont worry he did more then on his way, he has all but shoveled the dirt on the coffin. The lid is shut tho, and the goodbyes are being said. Been watching wrestling since I saw warrior run down the isle and beat honky tonk man, seen plenty of clash of the champions. Sting and flair battles. Over all the years of watching, one thing is painfully clear, the dirtiest dog in the fight always wins.and noone is dirtier than VKM.

    • TheMachineX2

      Now get rid of Sting he’s tired looking too and push the less than 40 club . TNA needs to start fresh, no more MMA guys in a TNA wrestling ring either . Yep Dixie THROWING THEM ALL OUT OF ER HOUSE! GO DIXIE!

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