TNA Senior VP of Programming & Talent Relations Departure Now Confirmed

Posted by Matt Boone July 18, 2013 14 Comments

- It’s now confirmed that TNA has released Bruce Prichard from his job as Senior Vice President of Programming and Talent Relations. He held that position since October 2011. Prichard was asked to restructure his contract but refused.

Some people in TNA have blamed Prichard for the recent issues with contracts expiring and new deals not being signed or talents being signed so close to the end of their existing contracts.

Source: PWInsider

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    • skulhead2a

      Maybe it’s just me but al of this recent news I think is good for TNA. Trimming some of the fat. I ahven’t seen a single person so far released that should have been kept. Good get rid of some dead weight and possibly sign 1 or 2 new younger talents. I think these moves will make TNA more viable.

      • Kage

        I was actually thinking the same thing. Instead of all these cuts marking the ‘end’ of TNA; it could instead be interpreted as a new ‘beginning’. These budget concerns may actually be a blessing in disguise – it may finally open the eyes of management, and make them realise that money doesn’t grow on trees.

        Hell, Pritchard is gone. That’s a step in the right direction!

        • bobby bobby

          who said it was the end of of TNA? How many times have people said that? lol

          Also you are right and they are starting to question Hulk Hogan now after the whole licencing incident. I’ve never been a big fan of hogan but I thought hey if he’s good for the business side of things so be it. he’s not drawing anymore though so why is he there? Does he work with creative or anything like that? I doubt it, I don’t know if he even has that ability too.

          Bischof as much as I don’t like him sometimes can actually do something. He works with creative(head of creative) and does have a lot of experience and moments of success, so he can stay I guess. Unless they can find a better option but I don’t know if there are many other options out there.

      • bobby bobby

        joey ryan should have been kept and tailor hendrix, other than they your right

    • ZED87

      Release Hulk and Brooke Hogan. End the Aces n 8s storyline and then release dead weight (Garrett, Wes, Knux). TNA stars IMO who I’d release from the roster are:

      Brooke Hogan
      Gunner (But he is Tag Champ)
      Hulk Hogan
      Jesse Godderz
      King Mo (Why the hell was he signed)
      Rob Terry
      Rockstar Spud
      Wes Brisco

      Then there are some X-division wrestlers who are not doing anything right now but needs to be there for X-division like Zema Ion and Sam Shaw

      • ariel

        I love rob terry hes so humongous … they should keep him and give him some good material and a push instead of making him a joke with the jersey shore idiot

        • bobby bobby

          rob terry is a joke, though I always hear he’s improving but I see no improvement from him. How you can like a wrestler just because they are big makes absolutely no sense. If you aren’t good in the ring and you don’t have any charisma, mic skills or a gimmick to speak of you need to go. They have given Terry plenty of chances.

        • ZED87

          That Jersey shore idiot is most entertaining guy in TNA IMO.

      • bobby bobby

        Garret, jesse and king mo all have potential Rock star spud is a great in ring wrestler with a great gimmick and has a lot of charisma it would be a shame if they released him. The others you stated I agree with.

        • ZED87

          I enjoy the Rockstar Spud gimmick as well but for a company that has financial issues, he is sort of a deadwood and a burden. Jesse again is slow in the ring. His character is funny and entertaining and it is currently good that he is paired with the most entertaining guy in TNA roster.

          As far as Mo is concerned, TNA has been signing a lot of MMA fighters and that is kinda stupid if you ask me. I do not Bellator and I’d like to know if they are promoting TNA as much as TNA is promoting Bellator.

          • bobby bobby

            he could be the next rey mysterio only as a heel, how is that a burden? At worst the guy can light up the X division.

            Jesse is slow but what do you expect from a guy so muscular. Plus you don’t need to be quick to be good in the ring, although it does help. Plus I think he’s got a personality that will work for wrestling and this is coming from someone who hated the fact that TNA signed him in the first place but he’s proven me wrong to a degree. If he keeps improving like I believe he will he’ll prove me wrong completely.

            I love the MMA guys in TNA, they are all well known guys and all they have to do is transition their MMA techniques to wrestling. Much easier then starting from scratch with no fighting background. Plus all three have a lot of personality and have proven to be able to sell a fight at the MMA level. With some experience and given the chance I see no reason they won’t be able to do the same at the wrestling level.

    • Bam Bam

      Wonder who they are gonna get to replace him in Gut check?

      • ariel

        I read that they cut gut check form the programming because they couldn’t afford to pay any new wreslters .. so no more gutcheck lol

        • bobby bobby

          as much as I like TNA they should have looked into their finances before they started the segment. Plus they’d have more money if they got rid of Hogan, Sting or Bischoff. I’m not saying they all need to go but at least one of them does. Maybe do sting a favor and let Sting go wrestle his last match with taker. I don’t know but those 3 have the largest paychecks and they don’t wrestle anymore or at least shouldn’t be. Bischoff at least helps with creative though so maybe keep him

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