TNA Worried About Spike TV Possibly Dropping Them In Favor Of WWE

Posted by Matt Boone January 8, 2014 9 Comments

According to various sources, there are people within TNA that are concerned about the possibility of WWE striking a deal with Spike TV and other Viacom properties if they don’t secure a new television agreement with Comcast when their current deal expires.

TNA feels that the sooner they can lock a new contract in with Spike, the better off they will be. TNA is pretty much depending on their Spike TV television deal to keep the company alive right now.

Apparently the goal when TNA signed their most recent deal with Spike TV was for the two companies to work to grow Impact Wrestling’s audience to two million viewers. Obviously that never happened, and worse than that, the viewership has actually declined since they signed that deal.

TNA’s current deal with Spike TV expires in the Fall of 2014, however negotiations usually start about six months before the existing contract expires.


  • sdgsdg

    spike resigning with tna is a lock, i mean aiming to double the ratings, and then get even less people than before tune in, impressive

    • Will $teel

      so y it is a lock then? i must have missed somethin

      • sdgsdg

        sarcasm ;)

        • Will $teel

          lol i was rather confused. now it makes sense

  • av

    Spike when they were tnn dropped ECW for Raw. History repeating?????

  • George Flegel

    That would definitely suck for TNA and wrestling fans. TNA is a diamond in the rough with great talent on their roster. It would be a shame to see them be snuffed out by the WWE.

    • Guest

      To be fair TNA is the one that’s done the most damage to themselves WWE has had very little to do with TNA being in the shape they’re currently in.

      • George Flegel

        Very true. I never understood why they brought in Hogan and Bischoff and then tried to take on the WWE. That was pretty dumb. I wish they would have focused on their immense talent and not gone after big names like Flair and Hogan. I miss the six sided ring too, it made TNA unique.

  • TheMachineX2

    give the a different time day and time slot.

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