TNA Wrestlers Expecting, Why TNA Retired the Knockouts Tag Titles

Posted by Matt Boone July 8, 2013 2 Comments

- TNA star Matt Morgan and his wife are expecting a new baby while Mr. Anderson and his wife are expecting twins.

– As noted before, the Knockouts Tag Team titles have been retired by TNA. There were several reasons for the decision – one being that the company feels they do not have enough Knockouts to make the titles have any meaning.

The other reason reason they retired the title was because of all the other concepts the company currently has going on – Gutcheck, Bound for Glory Series Open Fight Night, etc. The feeling was that certain things had to be removed to keep programming from being cluttered.

Source: PWInsider

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    • Mr. X

      Annnnnd having Eric Young win them destroyed all credibility the belts had.

    • ariel

      haha it says that they needed to remove some things to prevent cluttered show

      its more like they didn’t have the money to keep gutcheck going even if they were paying the gutcheck winners barely enough to survive

      I actually liked the gutcheck concept it was atleast something different
      also they aren’t going to have the knockouts tag team titles
      I mean they fired tara who was on the best knockouts they had due to her being too expensive
      this company is slowly but surely going down the drain

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