TNA Wrestling Terminates Ric Flair’s Contract

Posted by Brad Davis June 18, 2012 9 Comments

According to court documents filed in TNA Entertainment’s lawsuit against WWE for interference with existing contracts, the organization terminated Ric Flair’s contract on May 11, 2012.

Flair missed a live event he was scheduled to appear at the day before his contract was terminated. He has privately claimed that he quit the organization.

Flair’s TNA profile is still listed on, but that likely won’t be online for much longer.

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    • Mr 561

      Do you guys think Flair will wind up in WWE?

      • GhostDistortion

        I strongly doubt it, but to me the real question is whether or not anyone cares where Flair winds up?

      • darla talmage

        i hope not he is rude and pure ass nasty and i think he should not be on any wwe

    • kris kanyon

      Flair down. two more to go.

      • TheMachineX2

        HH definitely has to go. Im so tired of seeing him week after week in that same impact wrestling shirt with the sleeves cut off and his sky blue du rag. I dont mind Bischoff bcuz he’s just doing the behind the scenes tv production. Then HH brings in his kids Brooke that was stupid. Fire them and bring in Paul Heyman.

    • Dick flarir


    • FilthyFatBoy

      The Naitch will wind up back where he belongs enjoying that sweet ride called Mae Young Mountain

    • Dougdenslowe

      There’s an old saying”Old Wrestlers never die,they just dye their hair”.For God’s sake Flair’s gone bald!That was his greatest asset,his flowing blond hair.No more hair,no more Flair!

    • Doug Denslowe

      I agree with Dougdenslowe

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