TNA’s Stance On Jeff Hardy’s Drug Case, & More

Posted by Brad Davis February 25, 2011 13 Comments

– The general attitude in TNA regarding Jeff Hardy’s legal situation is that it’s not a big deal and the TNA Champion will likely not face jail time. As reported earlier, Jeff Hardy’s court hearing on February 16 resulted in another continuance, with his next court date scheduled for March 21st.

— TNA knockout ODB returned on Thursday’s episode of iMPACT! to answer Women’s Knockout Champion Madison Rayne’s open challenge. ODB lost to Rayne. Eric Bischoff is said to be a big fan of the ODB character, which might have been a factor in her being brought back.

ODB was phased off television last year when the company began focusing on looks and showcasing “The Beautiful People.”

— TNA Knockout Traci Brooks is advertised for this Saturday’s AWE Superstars of Pro Wrestling event at Fluvanna County High School in Palmyra, Virginia. Visit for more information.

— Angelina from Jersey Shore says on Twitter that she drank a cocktail and took an energy pill before her wrestling debut in TNA at this week’s tapings. She says she was scared that she was going to get beat up, but added: “I signed up for this so I have no one to blame but myself.”

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    • sumguy

      wow. way to go tna. no regards to the wrestlers. it’ll hurt in the end

    • Damn

      No x-division, no tag team division, no energetic audience, arena looks the same as wcw did on its last days, and the just like wcw has two big stables that suck up all the tv time. Jeez I miss Total Non-Stop Action from 2005. Best time ever for wrestling for tna. How can a company mess up so many GOOD things in 6 years?!

      • sumguy

        its’ due to Hogan, and bischoff and all the old people from wwe who wants to Hog the spotlight and Dixie Carter for allowing that, now TNA’s just a joke. I really liked TNA when they had their own style. sadly TNA’s slowly but surely sinking

    • Save_Us.Y2K

      I love TNA’s stance on Jeff Hardy. Will he do jail time? No? Ok he’s the face of our company. McDonalds would have fired this guy for all the crap he’s going through but TNA gives him a huge push….epic stuff right there.

    • this guy

      tna is going to end exactly like wcw if they keep going in the direction they are headed

      • Random guy

        No they won’t. WCW was actual a big company at one point. TNA can’t even get to ECW levels of popularity. TNA is just an indy promotion with a TV deal at this point.

        • sumguy

          i agree

    • Random guy

      If they aren’t concerned with Hardy’s legal status, they wouldn’t have made him drop the belt to Sting at the last TV tapings. I think they care about more than they let on.

      BUT, if they truly don’t care, then they should at least be concerned about his poor workrate, and the fact that his presence in the company has not helped them in any way whatsoever. He’s not drawing money for them, and with the way he works in the ring nowadays, he’s gonna end up hurting someone.

      I feel bad for the guys in TNA that are being held down in favor of Jeff Hardy. Someone needs to tell TNA that ONLY reason Jeff Hardy ever got over was because he took dives off of everything he could find. He was an enhancement talent before he started diving. That’s where he belongs.

    • Random-English-Fella

      I love that Eric ‘HLA’ Bischoff brought back ODB. ODB is a good worker and has the best character in my opinion

    • Tommy

      I agree in bringing ODB back but now we want Awesome Kong and Rayesa Shaid back as well. We also need James Mitchell back for Abyss! Bring in Kevin Sullivan and start a dark heel team to face Fortune!

      • Random guy

        Fortune already has a heel team to go against. It’s called TNA management.

    • Doc.G

      I think TNA needs to get a backbone and stop focusing on jeff jarett, and other older guys. I think TNA needs to stop being confederate, and put the Belt around the waist of Hernandez. Its a Damn shame how many people never see that Heavyweight belt. Black Machismo Could’ve been a great champ and I Know Matt Morgan Would be, I would watch more often if Morgan was The Champ. Its unrealistic when anybody but Angle beats him anyway.

      • Wrestlehead

        TNA will go under for sure if they focus too much on the older guys. The industry is built on pushing the younger guys and having them build up their characters, and then have the older guys pass the torch to them in terms of who gets to be champion and be in world calibre matches, etc. WCW also made this fatal mistake mainly due to backstage politics. Vince knew this and worked very hard in the early 90’s to build up new talent and is doing that right now as well with wrestlers such as The Miz, Sheamus, and Alberto Del Rio. He also did this with Randy Orton and Edge in the earlier part of this decade. Now Edge is in his money years and is regarded as an established wrestler and championship material.

        I agree that Matt Morgan easily has the potential to rise to the top but he’s not being used properly. Jay Lethal really needs to re-think his gimmick, since he can only get so far imitating other wrestlers. His problem is that he’s too funny to be taken seriously as a big contender. In my opinion TNA should turn him heel and give him a push.

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