Tonight’s Impact, More on TNA Paying Late, Mickie Photos, Attendance

Posted by Matt Boone July 11, 2013 13 Comments

- TNA employees including Dixie Carter and her husband with Dave Lagana were in attendance for Mickie James’ free concert in Nashville last night. Here are some photos:

Mickie on stage 1

Mickie on stage 2

– Tonight’s episode of Impact Wrestling will feature Taryn Terrell vs. Gail Kim in a Ladder Match, a new member of The Main Event Mafia, Joker’s Wild stipulations for the Bound For Glory Series and more.

– Regarding issues with pay in TNA, word is that a lot of money being late has to do with third party vendors and that has been the case at various times in the past. There were also problems noted on the production side of the company and there were wrestlers who were being paid late, including some of the biggest names in the company. Some of the developmental talents in OVW, who live on very little money anyway, were also getting paid late.

– TNA’s biggest live event of the year, the annual summer fireworks show at MCU Park in Brooklyn on July 5th, drew just 2,500 fans this year. This is less than half of what it was drawing a few years back.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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    • Bam Bam

      The new member of the Main Event Mafia is gonna be Rampage Jackson.

      • sportsnut969

        IMO this is a major mistake to involve a part-time newbie in this type of a angle. TNA should have had him challenge Devon for the TV title but they screwed that up by doing away with the TV title.

        With Rampage part time and all and the way the TV title is rarely defended that would have been perfect for a part-time worker.

        Now they are back down to World title / X title / & tag title & womans title. desolving the TV title was a mistake but it should have been pulled from Aces & 8 and put on someone else.

        • Bam Bam

          Yeah I agree I don’t think they should of put a part timer in the MEM either If Matt Morgan didn’t just get released I would say put him in or something but I don’t know how this is gonna go with the Rampage thing not gonna be there every week.

    • tony

      If you ask me, max. 2 years and TNA is out of business

      • Kage

        That prediction never gets old.

        • Kyle Christie

          I’m not saying they will go out of business but I think a lot of wrestlers will leave if this pay thing continues.

      • The Troll Hunter

        who asked ya!?!

    • Piggie James


    • brendon

      Dixie is married to Serg Salinas not Dave Lagana

      • David Goins

        you need to read that again

    • Derp

      It was free because nobody cares about Mickie James country career. The only people that showed up were her friends in TNA because they felt bad that they couldn’t sell any tickets.

    • TED

      Hmm, I’m thinking that if Sting wants to continue to wrestle in 2014 AND get paid he will HAVE to finally sign with Vinny-Mac

    • ariel

      @ tony I have been saying the same thing
      I give it two years because they just started taking desperate measures to cut cost
      which is releasing a lot of talent and cutting gut check.
      and I was just thinking the upper tier talent like angle , hardy and styles wont like their pay to come whenever TNA can scrape together the money for a long period of time. I would like jeff hardy and angle to go back to wwe anyway
      samoa joe is too overweight for wwe
      aj styles to me isn’t as great as he used to be
      sting is too old for wwe
      and ken kennedy ever since he left wwe he just sucks so bad he did a complete 180 for the worst

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