Tonight’s Impact, TNA’s Next Unfinished Business PPV, More

Posted by Matt Boone November 1, 2012 2 Comments

- Joel Luke of Iowa has pleaded guilty to fifth-degree theft and has been sentenced to two years of probation for his role in stealing the TNA Title belt. His co-defendant, Forrest Jamison, has been charged as an accessory and is awaiting sentencing. The two are accused of stealing the TNA Title belt, valued at $6,000, and a replica belt valued at $400 from a live event back in August.

– Tonight’s episode of TNA Impact Wrestling will feature the return of Open Fight Night with Devon vs. Bully Ray, ODB challenging Jesse, the fallout from Aces & 8s attacking Kurt Angle and more. Tonight’s show will also feature a Gut Check segment with Christian York.

– TNA will air “Unfinished Business: Jeff Jarrett and Jeff Hardy” as a one-hour pay-per-view special beginning December 1st.

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    • Douglas John Wilkins

      Vince Russo has made an announcement on twitter
      “Open fuck night is here tonight, tonight Jeff Hardy starts smoking meth again, Rob Van Dam takes on the flying bong, and our main event will be Hulk Hogan fucking me so hard up the ass ill shit blood and it will be for the TNA Ass Fucking Championship… But wait there is a twist its Kurt Angle and he thinks he is ready for a title shot and said “I could fuck Russo up the ass harder then you Hogan… With A Broken Freaking Neck” plus the first ever Dildo on a Pole match for the TNA Knockouts Championship, All tonight on Open Fuck Night! RATINGS BABY RATINGS!!!”

      • Excited For Impact Tonight

        I love it!!!… In definitely tuning in tonight for this, this is going to be the best TNA Impact everrrrrr!!! Can’t wait :-)

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