Top UFC Star Claims He Legitimately Wants To Buy WWE

Posted by Brad Davis May 5, 2013 5 Comments

UFC fighter and huge pro wrestling fan Chael Sonnen recently made headlines on celebrity-gossip websites, including TMZ, for his recent controversial comments regarding his interest in purchasing World Wrestling Entertainment.

According to the TMZ article, Sonnen is not only not joking about his interest in buying WWE, but the story noted Sonnen has already met with some of his “bigwig friends in the investment world to enact his takeover.”

Additionally, WWE responded to the story. A WWE rep told TMZ, “We are a publicly traded company, so [Chael is] more than welcome to purchase shares of WWE stock and become one of our valued shareholders.”

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    • Chael Sonnen

      Why was this shit posted twice?

    • TexansFanatic

      well at least he recognizes that TNA isn’t worth a penny to try to buy. I bet Vince will own the video catalog of TNA within the next 4 years.

      • EVL

        dude, why even say that? I’m all good for people having blind faith but seriously.
        every year someone says something like that. Just sit back and watch wrestling for a change. Get off the wrestling websites so that you can enjoy the shows with your head clean.

      • Joe Mayo sounds made up

        OOOOr he recognizes that WWE is the one that needs to learn how to be manly instead of a Hollywood wanna-be
        It’s cute though that you like the pageantry of WWE though. keep it up. goes well with the issue of GQ magazine that you get.

      • Kage

        Ohohoho! Good one! NEVER heard that one before!

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